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Redskins at Dolphins: Broadcast limited to regional coverage

Super Bowl VII - Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins have met twice in Super Bowls, with Miami winning Super Bowl VII to complete the perfect season and Washington coming back ten years later to beat Miami in Super Bowl XVII. This week, the two teams will meet in the 2019 regular season, and, the television coverage and stakes a slightly different.

Neither team has managed to win a game yet this year, with Miami 0-4 and Washington 0-5 on the season. Washington fired their head coach after last week’s loss, and now will look to move forward under interim head coach Bill Callahan. Miami has reset their roster this offseason and now are playing with an eye looking toward the future. This game could determine who has the first-overall pick in next spring’s 2020 NFL Draft as both teams struggle.

A game featuring teams without wins in Week 6 is not a big draw, and the television broadcast map for this week shows exactly that. This week’s game, a 1pm ET kickoff, is on FOX, and will only air on local channels in Miami and around Washington, DC/Virginia. shows the areas for Redskins at Dolphins in orange.

Sam Rosen and Ronde Barber will have the commentary for the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings game is in red on the map, while the Seattle Seahawks at the Cleveland Browns is in blue. Two late games - this is a single FOX week and a doubleheader week for CBS - are also on the ap, with the San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams in green and the Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals in yellow.

Check out for the CBS maps for this week.