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Phinsider Daily: A look ahead to Miami’s week 6 matchup vs Washington, the 2020 QB Class, and what do the players think of ‘Tanking’?

Guess who’s back, back again. Houtz is back, tell a friend.

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Phinsider Daily is a new spin-off of Phinsider Radio and now, we’ll be coming to you five days a week for all your Miami Dolphins information.

The flagship show of Matthew Cannata, Josh Houtz, and Aaron Sutton continues for its 4th season. In addition to that, Matt (Monday), A-A-Ron (Tuesday), and Josh (Wednesday) will bring their own 20-30 minute podcast to the world wide internet.

Without further ado, here’s my (houtz) preview of the Dolphins’ Week 6 matchup vs Washington, in what many are calling the ‘Tank for Tua’ Bowl. I also discuss Barry Jackson’s latest article and tell you why NO ONE (not even Jerome Baker) has the right to tell you how to be a ‘fan’.

On today’s episode of Phinsider Daily, I break down the Dolphins’ week 6 matchup vs the Redskins. Who will be Washington’s QB in the ever important ‘Tank for Tua’ Bowl? How will the ‘Skins look with new HC Bill Callahan? Could he ignite a flame, much like Dan Campbell did with the Dolphins many years ago?

I then break down the latest news on the 2020 QB class. How did Jordan Love do vs LSU? Did Justin Herbert take a step back after his dismal performance vs California? Is Joe Burrows legit? And where does Jake Fromm stand after another solid performance?

Lastly, I discuss Barry Jackson’s latest article and what the players think of ‘Tanking’. What did Jesse Davis say when asked what he thought of fans wanting to ‘tank’? Did starting center Daniel Kilgore have a problem with it? And what did Jerome Baker say that nearly turned an entire fan base against him?

All of this and much more, on this episode of Phinsider Daily.

Be sure to tune in by clicking the link below or finding us on iTunes/your favorite podcast app. Simply search for The Phinsider. Oh, and Follow me on Twitter! @Houtz