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In Grier We Trust!

Who will be our next head coach?

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

How was your first week post-2018 season? I forget how enjoyable football can be when I’m not stressing over how the Dolphins can find a way to win (or wonder how bad they will humiliate themselves). Our season is over and we are on the hunt for a new head coach.

Let me first say thanks to Gase. Let’s thank him for the 2016 season. He did send us to a wild-card playoff game as his first year as head coach. Not bad considering our mess of an organization. However, the following two years did not go so well (other than the Miami Miracle). I mean, let’s be honest, our franchise has been a mess for quite some time since the Marino years. Just take a look at this summary from @BSerious72 on Twitter.

That is our franchise folks. We may want to lower our head and cover our eyes when someone asks when we will win a playoff game, but we will always love this team. Well, at least I will.

I truly do believe that Adam Gase is a talented coach, but his time with our team was coming to an end. I’m sure he will go on to succeed with another team. I wish him the best of luck.

We need a rebuild. My fingers are crossed that Chris Grier can be the man who will make that happen. Ross certainly believes so, as he put him in charge of building a winning franchise. If we want that, we’ll need a good head coach and a franchise quarterback. It may take us a couple years to begin to have a winning team and I’m alright waiting it out. We’ve been waiting almost 20 years already, what’s another couple more.

Coaching Candidates

If you’ve been following the updates you already know Bears’ DC Vic Fangio is out as a potential candidate. I know my newsfeed was filled with many fans wanting him as our new head coach. I, personally, was unsure because he is a bit older for a coach we want to keep long term. Maybe that’s a reason the Dolphins decided against a formal interview.

As per Adam Beasley, in his article posted earlier today.

The Dolphins seem focused on five candidates: Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Patriots defensive coordinator Brian Flores, Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, Cowboys defensive backs coach Kris Richard and Darren Rizzi. These are the five candidates that have been mentioned throughout Dolphins Twitter. What are your thoughts? Who would you want? There are rumors circling that John Harbough may be an option (if the Ravens decide to accept trades for him). I personally believe it’s rumors. I would be shocked if they actually do decide to let him go. Here’s a brief clip discussing those rumors and some other tidbits about potential coaches with Joe Schad.

I’m torn. I like Darren Rizzi. He has been our special teams coach since 2010. The players, past and present, respect him. That being said, is he ready to be a head coach? Is it truly a rebuild if we keep Rizzi? What do you think? Remember when we had Dan Campbell as our interim head coach after Ross fired Philbin in 2015. The players respected his passion and intensity, but he wasn’t quite ready to take on the head coaching position. Now he is interviewing for head coach positions for teams like the Cardinals and possibly the Browns.

I don’t want to lose Darren Rizzi as a special teams coach, but if he is passed over for the head coaching position, will he want to stay with us (if Grier wants him here) or go look for a head coaching position with one of the other seven NFL teams searching? The Dolphins are set to interview him, but not until later in the week per Barry Jackson.

Here’s a good thread from earlier today, by Chris Kouffman, about the potential coaches and some information on the interviews conducted so far.

All I know is that Twitter, since the news of Fangio, has been filled with fans listing Harbaugh and Cowboy’s Kris Richards as their top choice. Side note: I already know my mom will chose Kris Richards because he has the same name as my oldest brother. I can hear it now, “Kathleen, I like him because he spells his name the same as my Kristopher.” I personally am not sure who I want. Could Richards be the change we need? Gase was known as an offensive guru, but how did that turn out? I don’t know if Kenyan Drake would agree. Is it time for a defensive minded head coach? Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows. I do believe we will have a new coach within the next two weeks. I’m just over here hoping whoever we get will indeed be the next Shula for our team. It’s about time we have another winning franchise. I will leave the coaching discussion with this tweet from earlier today.

Wild-card Weekend and Games Ahead

I know I was glued to my television this past weekend watching the somewhat exciting, and at times on the edge of a nap, wild-card games. I predicted the Texans, Cowboys, Chargers, and Bears to win. I got half of them right. I received some hate for rooting for the Cowboys, but I’m not a fan of Seattle Seahawks. I feel like if they would make it to the Super Bowl, and heaven forbid Patriots make it, it would be a repeat of the 2015 Super Bowl. There was 20 seconds left, Seattle at the goal line, and only second down. You would expect to just run the ball in. Nope. Wilson throws and it’s picked off. The Patriots won their fourth ring. One of the worst calls in the history of Super Bowls. I did not want that to happen again. Bye Seattle.

Now that being said, I hope Cowboys lose next week because we don’t want to hear about “America’s team” winning the Super Bowl for the next year, nor do I want Atlanta overrun by Cowboy fans.

After watching the Colts at Texans game, I will not be too surprised if the Colts make it all the way (will be tough in Arrowhead tho). I was expecting a much closer game than what we witnessed, especially with it being in Houston. Congratulations Colts! I’m not mad about that game nor that team making it to the Super Bowl. Luck is one talented quarterback.

Thank goodness the Chargers won yesterday. The Ravens are just a smidge below the other teams I dislike (Pats, Jets, Bills, and Steelers). Now, they do have a good defense, but they would still need to score offensive points, if they want a chance to beat the Patriots in Foxboro. They did not show they were up for it against the Chargers. I’m a fan of Phillip Rivers. I think they will win on Sunday. It will be tough, but we believe in you Rivers.

Now, go celebrate with your wife and eight (soon to be nine) children and be ready to defeat Brady next Sunday.

Real quick about Ravens, was the fact that Joe Flacco sat out the entire game a sign that he is to be let go/traded post-season? According to John Harbaugh, “Joe is going to have a market.” At what cost will that be? Do the Dolphins give him a go for 2019 while we wait to get our franchise quarterback in 2020? How expensive will he be and is he better than Tannehill? We’ll just have to see what unfolds over the next few weeks.

The last game of the weekend was the Super Bowl winning Eagles at the Chicago Bears. First off, in my opinion, it was snoozer until the last few minutes. I mean if you are all about defenses (and no offensive points scored) then it was right up your alley. We all know how that game ended, even if you didn’t watch it.

Oh my heart Parkey. We thank you, as Dolphins’ fans, for playing your best year with us. I’m glad we have Jason Sanders now (another wise move by Rizzi). He did handle it professionally with his post-game interview and received praise on how he handled it from fellow sports players. That being said, I’m sure he will want to get away from Chicago for a bit to allow time for fans to get over it. Not sure how long that will take though, because when I went to the Dolphins at Bears game in 2014 many fans yelled at me because of my 85 Duper jersey. They some salty fans there.

Here are the remaining 8 teams.


Colts at Chiefs at 4:35pm

Cowboys at Rams at 8:15pm


Chargers at Patriots at 1:05pm

Eagles at Saints at 4:40pm

Who do you have winning? I’m rooting for the Chiefs, Rams, Chargers and Saints. Will the Chargers beat the Patriots? I’m hoping as fellow Dolphins’ fans you will be rooting for Rivers to get it done. We all know the way to defeat Brady is by pressuring him. Our team does it well in Miami, but Foxboro is a different story.

Rivers, for the sanity of all the rest of the AFC East and America, you can win this. We’ll all be rooting for you.

Enjoy your first full week of 2019 fans. The holidays are over, the Dolphins 2018 season is over, and it’s a new year. New year new team, right? I sure hope so.

See you all here next week!

Fins Up!