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REPORT: Two new additions to Brian Flores’ coaching staff have been announced

New York Giants OLBs coach Robbie Leonard and Jacksonville Jaguars DL coach Marion Hobby will join Flores staff in Miami

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Flores is currently preparing for the Super Bowl, where the de-facto defensive coordinator has been tasked with stopping one of the NFL’s top offenses.

But after next Sunday’s game, Flores will pack his belongings, sell his house, and jettison to sunny Florida.

There, his task is much harder than Sunday vs the Rams.

With the Dolphins, Flores is tasked with helping turn around a struggling franchise. A team that has been stuck in mediocrity for the last decade.

Not an easy task.

But as we saw during the very short Adam Gase era in miami, the coaching staff is every bit as important, as the head coach himself.

We know Jim Caldwell will be assistant HC/QBs coach, and that Packer’s LBs coach Patrick Graham will be the teams next defensive coordinator. It was also announced-to the disbelief of many- that Patriots WRs coach Chad O’Shea is expected to be the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator.

And now we know two more coaches that will join Flores staff in Miami.

Per Ian Rapoport of the NFL network, the Dolphins will add New York Giants OLBs coach Robbie Leonard and Jacksonville Jaguar’s DL coach Marion Hobby, to Flores’ staff.

Hobby, played with the Patriots in the early 90’s and has held different defensive positions in college as well as the pros. He coaches the Jaguar’s defensive line in 2017 and 2018.

Leonard, has been with the New York Giants for the last six seasons, working all over the defensive coaching staff.

It is unclear whether Hobby and Leonard will fill the same roles on Flores’ coaching staff. Hopefully we get some clarity after the Super Bowl.

How do you feel about Flores staff? Like? Dislike?

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