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Hang In There One More Week

Just a few more days until we have an official head coach and new staff

Super Bowl LIII - Previews Photo by Justin Heiman/Getty Images

If you’re like me, you are just waiting for the Super Bowl to be over with, so the Miami Dolphins can start officially building their coaching staff. It doesn’t help that this upcoming week will be filled with nothing but Patriots and Rams players/staff on all the football networks. I’m honestly trying my best to avoid it all and enjoy this break from football. Which, is slightly hard considering I live in the city of Atlanta. That being said, like the rest of the teams, not in the Super Bowl, we’re basically all waiting and wishing that April could hurry up and get here.

This is the slow time of year until about March. There is free agency starting in March and then the NFL Draft April 25-27th. If you follow Dolphins’ Twitter it’s really just everyone giving their opinions on who the Dolphins should draft. The only position that appears to be filling my feed is quarterback. Who people want seems to change daily as well, right? Some days I feel like half our fan base is wanting to draft up for Kyler Murray. A few scrolls down and someone else swears we would be set with Haskins. Oh, but let’s go back a day or two ago and my feed was filled with nothing but discussion about Drew Lock and Will Grier. I’m over here like, what is going to happen to Tannehill? Are we trading him to the Redskins for a draft pick? If we don’t draft a QB are we going to be stuck with Osweiler (NOOO)?

Based on the replies on that tweet and article comments, that’s a negative.

If Flores isn’t interested in any of the top quarterbacks this draft, who will we keep as our quarterback? Possibly trade Tannehill for another veteran QB? Should we still draft one, but just wait and see who is available when it comes to our pick (13th)? Do we trade up to get our quarterback? We should draft one for sure, but when and who? So many questions.

All this quarterback discussion is giving me a headache, because of so many unknowns. All I do know, is it’s not up to us and we don’t know what will happen. It’s a guessing game. It’s kinda fun and exciting to see who may be right, but also frustrating and disappointing if the complete opposite happens come draft day. Here are just some of the needs for this upcoming season: Defensive lineman, offensive lineman, cornerback, wide receiver, one more running back, and a quarterback. What are some other positions you believe our team needs?

I put quarterback towards the end, because we are in rebuilding mode. If Flores does not believe our franchise quarterback is in this draft, then I’m ok with picking one up in the later rounds and using our first pick for someone like a lineman. There are talented quarterbacks in the 2020 draft as well. I personally do not want to waste draft picks to move up and snatch a quarterback this season, unless Flores and his coaching staff are absolutely sure they believe our future star is in this draft. We have many other needs. I know as a fan base we are anxious to find our next Marino or find a Mahomes like the Chiefs (who still should be here instead of Pats), but we’ve been waiting this long. If this year, is not our franchise QB year, then I’m trusting in Flores that he has a plan and maybe 2020 will indeed be the year. Either way, I try not to stress over it too much. I’m stressed because of our team half the year already. I’m gonna enjoy these few weeks watching everyone else argue over who we should draft.

Other News Besides QB Talk

Did anyone watch the Pro Bowl yesterday? Me neither. Yeah, I decided to train at the gym and run errands. I forgot how nice it is to have a productive Sunday for once. I will say, I did see the news about Xavien Howard’s interception (and his almost 2nd one thanks to Jets’ player). Here you go, if you missed it (probably just my mom).

It did warm my heart to see him back out on the field after missing the end of the season. Hey Flores, you saw that right? Ok cool. Now, please pay the man since he is possibly the best corner in the NFL. Sincerely, the Dolphins’ fan base.

Other news and tidbits going around: rumors of potential coaching staff hires but we really don’t know for sure. So, I’m just leaving it at that for now. We just need to get through this week and next Monday should be a bit more clear for us. I will say this, please please try to be positive about our new coaching staff. Nobody knows if Flores will thrive as a Head Coach, but he definitely came from a winning franchise. No matter how much we may hate the Patriots dynasty, we can all see how they still keep winning. Let’s hope we get some of that brought over to us with Flores. Once Flores is made the official coach next week I’m going to support him because what other option do we have? I trust Ross is wanting to rebuild the correct way. We should trust Chris Grier made the right choice.

When it comes down to it fans, we all just want to be like the Dolphins back in the 70’s. We want to watch our team dominate. We just want this again.

Have faith my friends. Our time will come again.

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the Super Bowl weekend, if you are watching. I will be heading to the Mercedes-Benz stadium tomorrow for another media event to see the field, interview with NFL Operations Director, and sample food served this upcoming Sunday. Feel free to follow me along tomorrow as post updates and pictures.

Maybe this time I can get better pictures of the Ram’s side of the field.

Enjoy your week fans. I will do my best, in a city that will be filled with Patriots’ fans.

Fins Up!