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Your favorite ‘forgotten’ Miami Dolphins player

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It is the Saturday before the Super Bowl, which means 30 of the 32 NFL teams are solely focused on the futures of their franchises, with events like today’s Senior Bowl. We are going to take a chance to look back a little today, however. And, for that, we need your help.

This offseason, we are going to take a look back at some of the “forgotten” Miami Dolphins players. There are the players who should be remembered by Dolphins fans for their contribution, but for some reason have drifted out of the mainstream memory. These players are obviously not Dan Marino, Bob Griese, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Larry Csonka, Richmond Webb, Mark Clayton, or any of the other Dolphins greats. These are also not players like Jim Kiick, Jake Scott, Ricky WIlliams, Patrick Surtain, or A.J. Duhe. Those players are still well known for what they brought to the team.

I am looking for players like Don Strock or Adewale Ogunleye. Even someone like Jay Fiedler or Channing Crowder could fit the bill here. Someone who, when you hear the name, you know they did something for the team, but he is not someone who immediately comes to mind when you are asked for great Dolphins of the past. Someone who maybe played many years for the team without becoming a legend or who had one great year with the team before moving on.

I want a list of the players who made a mark on the Dolphins and in their history, but for whatever reason and largely forgotten when it comes to the fans. Maybe it is Glenn Blackwood, who is fourth all time in interceptions, tied with Patrick Surtain, or Doug Betters, who had 43.5 career sacks with Miami, fifth all time for the team.

Maybe even these guys are too well known and some of you will provide even better examples of players we need to bring back to the spotlight. Help us all learn a little more about the history of the Dolphins.

Note: Thanks to The Falcoholic from where I blatantly ripped off this idea.