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RUMOR: Le’Veon Bell would prefer to sign with the Miami Dolphins

Could the Dolphins have interest in the 26-year old running back?

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Although Free Agency doesn’t officially begin until March 13th, it’s not too early for the rumors to begin.

Jacksonville is rumored to sign Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, and Antonio Brown is going to be traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Like I said, it’s never too early for the rumors to begin.

And then there’s Le’Veon Bell, one of the NFL’s top running backs. In 2018, Bell sat out the entire season, due to a contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

No one knows where Bell might land, and the heavy favorites remain the New York Jets,

But what about the Miami Dolphins?

According to FanSided’s Matt Verderame, the Pro Bowl running back would “prefer” to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

It’s uncertain whether or not the report is true. but even if Bell did want to sign with the Dolphins, how could Miami afford to pay him quarterback money?

Better yet, why would the Dolphins want Bell, in what many believe to be a rebuild in 2019 and beyond. Why spend that type of money on a running back, when you have two very capabale backs on the roster.

Kenyan Drake has proved to be a play-maker, and a real factor in the passing game. Ballage—in Gore’s absence— proved to be the thunder to his lightning. He even had a chance to run the wildcat, paying homage to the 2008 Dolphins and his time with Arizona State.

With just a little more than $13-million in cap space, it would be far fetched to think Bell was a legit option in Miami. Yes, he’s a big-time talent, but the fit with the Dolphins doesn’t make sense.

Time will tell what Chris Grier and Brian Flores have in-store for the struggling franchise.

One person that is excited about the prospect of Le’Veon Bell in Miami, is Dolphins’ defensive tackle Davon Godchaux.

Could a player like Le’Veon Bell help turn the Dolphins around? Probably. But paying him top dollar could hinder the team’s growth, and they have far more important needs than running back.