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Report: New England Patriots WR Coach Chad O’Shea Leading Candidate for Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator, Brian Flores Deal Done

The Flores hire is all but official, while the Dolphins work to fill the size 6 shoes of Dowell Loggains with (possibly) Chad O’Shea.

New England Patriots 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

Hey, did you know the Miami Dolphins were going to hire Brian Flores? Falling in line with widely-held expectation, the Flores deal is done and the lack of an official announcement is simply the by-product of NFL protocol, not a lack of Dolphins conviction in Flores.

Flores and his staff will get to work immediately after the New England Patriots lose to the founder of Mensa, Harvard, and IQ tests, Sean McVay (featuring the Los Angeles Rams), in Super Bowl LIII.

While the potential addition of former head coach Jim Caldwell to the Miami Dolphins staff received notoriety in cyber space, it often came with the title of assistant head coach, leaving a question unanswered: who will be the offensive coordinator? According to a report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Chad O’Shea is the name atop the list.

O’Shea has been the WR coach for the Patriots since 2009, thus, if my addition is correct (sorry, I’m better at multiplying), O’Shea and Flores will have spent 10 years together in Foxborough.

O’Shea began his coaching career in 1996 as a graduate assistant at the University of Houston, worked in the college ranks until 2002, and made the leap to the NFL in 2003 with the Kansas City Chiefs. If the report is true, 2019 will be O’Shea’s (words with two apostrophes are soooo weird looking) first opportunity as an offensive coordinator in his college and NFL coaching career.

What do you think of the possibility of O’Shea and the rest of the coaching staff Flores has put together? Let us know down in the Comments Section!