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Dolphins land QB in latest SB Nation Mock Draft

Miami Dolphins v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

In 1983, the Miami Dolphins used their first-round draft choice to select quarterback Dan Marino. They did not use another first-round pick on a quarterback until 2012, when they added Ryan Tannehill. While reports have indicated the team could look at the 2019 NFL Draft as a chance to built the foundation of the team - focusing on the offensive and defensive lines - then use the 2020 Draft to find their “franchise” quarterback, there is still a strong possibility that Miami’s next use of a first-round pick on a quarterback could come as soon as this spring.

In his latest 2019 NFL Mock Draft, SB Nation’s Dan Kadar took a look at how a decision from Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray to pursue football instead of baseball could impact the draft process. As Kadar explains, “If Murray sticks with football, he could change the shape of the first round. Without Murray, there are more teams in the top 15 that need a quarterback than there are good quarterbacks available. But with Murray, that issue is mitigated.”

Kadar does not have the first quarterback coming off the board until the sixth-overall pick, with the New York Giants adding Ohio State passer Dwayne Haskins. The Jacksonville Jaguars then use the seventh pick to select Murray. The Denver Broncos with the tenth pick target Missouri quarterback Drew Lock, according to Karad’s mock, completing all of the pre-Dolphins pick quarterback selections.

Kadar sees the Murray addition to the draft process as leading to Miami selecting a quarterback rather than using a pick on someone who plays along the line of scrimmage. He does not completely rule out that move, but, at least for this week, he projects the Dolphins to add Duke quarterback Daniel Jones. He explains the pick:

The Dolphins are a sneaky winner of Murray intending to play football. That means Jones should drop to them at No. 13. There’s even a chance Lock could too. Either way, the Dolphins are in a better position for a first-round quarterback if Murray is in the draft. A pass rusher could be in play for Miami at this spot as well.

Jones is an interesting option here for Miami. This could be a part of this year’s quarterback draft class not being spectacular, leading to a prospect who might be pushed to the second round any other year coming in as the 13th overall pick this year. Maybe concerns about Jones’ arm strength will go away during the Scouting Combine and the pre-draft process, but for now, he definitely has that concern. He actually is okay with the deep ball, but he tends to float shorter passes that leads to pass breakups.

Before the 2018 season, Jones was probably seen as a developmental quarterback. A strong year in 2018, plus the fact that Jones is coaches by the Manning family quarterback guru, David Cutcliffe, could land Jones in the middle of the first round.

What do you think of the move? Should Miami consider Jones, or should they wait until 2020 if none of the “top” prospects this year are available?