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Brian Flores was the Miami Dolphins’ target for head coach all along

Brian Flores was the first person the Miami Dolphins interviewed and he was their target all along

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

According to numerous reports, the Miami Dolphins have set their sights on New England Patriots linebackers coach and defacto defensive coordinator Brian Flores. Per those reports, Flores was the target all along.

When much of the nation was saying that Kris Richard was the Dolphins top choice, Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald went the other way, saying it was Flores at the top of Miami’s list.

In fact, the Dolphins spent the longest with Flores, having dinner with him and then meeting with him again in the morning. For all the other candidates, the interviews were relatively short - just a few hours each.

I too, had heard earlier in the week that it was in fact Flores and not Richard. However, in an effort to respect current Dolphins special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi, I did not publicly release the information. There were hints, though.

And then finally, I pulled a page out of the Da Vinci Code playbook when I put out a string of tweets on Thursday evening. Check out the first letter of every tweet.

Flores spent time as a scout upon entering the NFL and has also spent time on the offense, special teams, and finally defense. If he comes to Miami, he’ll be tasked with rebuilding this program from the ground up. If he turns down the job? Watch out for Dennis Allen.