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First Game of the Season is Here.

Fans have a reason to smile

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

It’s here. We made it Dolphins fans. Are you just as excited, yet nervous as I am? Talking to many other football friends of mine, we all seem to share that similar feeling. The first NFL game of 2018 kicks off in four days on Thursday night. It’s not my team, but living in Atlanta, I already see the excitement from many local Falcons fans and I can relate. We are less than a week away from the Miami Dolphins season opener. Are you ready?

The Miami Dolphins are ready. They finished out their final preseason game last Friday in Atlanta with a win. Of course, that win means absolutely nothing for our season, but it meant everything to many players. It was a final chance for some players to give one last performance to earn a roster spot. Either with the Dolphins or another team.

I’m not going into any breakdown of the game, because that’s been done already, and many of the guys who played Friday are no longer with our team. I want to ask, how did it feel to see a winning game? The game did not matter (as far as regular season goes) and we were playing against second/third stringers, but wasn’t it nice to watch a stress-free game where our team was playing well? It was to me. I was at the game. I’ll be honest and say I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the game. The time it took to find my seats, then move to better seats, grab a beer, and chat with other fans, I was able to watch about half of it.

I was hoping for the Dolphins to end the preseason on a high note and that was accomplished. I think fans needed a reason to smile. I tweeted this out after the game, but I almost forgot how much fun games are with fellow Dolphins friends, when we are actually winning. To be able to leave a game smiling and happy, that was nice. That’s what I have missed.

I often tell friends of mine that until they experience watching a football game with me, do they really know me? I feel as if I become a different person during football season. Anyone else relate? I’m a very passionate person and it comes out in full force this time of year. There were more Dolphins fans at Friday’s game, than I was expecting. And let me just say, that it felt good to pass by other fans and give a high-five (or yelling fins up) to a complete stranger. Here is a group picture, from Friday night, of some of the local Atlanta DolFans Club members and random fans I asked to join for the picture.

We’ve had a rough year as fans. That frustration and disappointment is a bond we share. We may have varying cultures, values, political views, even different college football teams, but we all can share one thing. We want to see the Miami Dolphins win.

We saw it on Friday. If the game gave you a reason to smile, even if just for that night, then hold on to that feeling. Bring it with you into this upcoming season. Last season was emotionally draining for Dolfans, but that is in the past. Remember, all NFL teams start off 0-0-0 this week. Last season is long gone. We have a head coach who has complete faith in his team and quarterback. That alone, is reason enough to smile.

The Dolphins may have the lowest power ranking (which is crap), but not everyone believes it. I think the NFL is sleeping on the Dolphins. Apparently so does Peter Schrager of Good Morning Football.

In Adam Gase we trust!

The Dolphins narrowed down to their 53-man roster. The weekend before opening week is always a bit stressful, exciting and sad for coaches and players. The team continues to add other players dropped from other teams throughout the weekend. For example, we signed another QB. Yes, we currently have 4 quarterbacks and kinda not sure why. As long as the only QB playing all season is Tannehill, it’s fine. Nobody really knows what’s going on behind the scenes other than the coaches/players. I will say I was happily surprised we signed a young QB though. I didn’t know much about Luke Falk, but found some footage of him tweeted out (Thanks to Danny on Twitter)

Maybe we will have a young guy who the team can help groom into a reliable backup. We will see how it goes throughout the upcoming season.

Now that we have reached the week of game one, my weekly posts may change a bit. My contribution is from a fan’s perspective. I’m here to bring you reactions to games as a fan who attends multiple games a year. How was the game? What did fans feel before/during/after a particular game? What players are fans excited to see? Did you see that touchdown and did your heart jump out of your chest like mine did? These are a few topics I will touch on as well as plays/players that stood out to me. I will also post about any upcoming information for away game meetups.

Our first game is Sunday! What are your pre-game rituals? Do you watch at home so you can scream and yell without judgement, or do you prefer to be around other fans. I always prefer to be with fans. As @DolFansNYC tweeted to me last week, “Always better to watch with friends. It’s a party when you win and you have people to commiserate with when you lose.” My thoughts exactly. Happy first week of NFL! Let’s all hope for a successful Dolphins season and a win at home to start off our team in the right direction.

See you all next week when we are, hopefully, 1-0-0!