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Phinsider Meme Central: Game 3

Call It A Comeback Edition

Meme Time

I could do without us giving up big leads early, player ejections, biased officiating and the dreaded season-ending injures, but was that Oakland game fun or what?! Costly, yes. Still, an epic comeback that scored major style points with the creativity and effectiveness in the second half. Let’s keep streaking as we head up to Foxboro to exorcise some demons this week, provided the team’s wireless communications don’t mysteriously go out for the umpteenth time.

FUN FACT: The Miami Dolphins are undefeated in meaningful games since The Phinsider started posting weekly memes. Coincidence? You decide.

On to the weekly shenanigans...

During training camp, Adam Gase had his trusted mentor Mike Martz in for a prolonged visit. Martz, the former architect of the RamsGreatest Show on Turf” offense, had to be pleased watching the Oakland at Miami game. Sort of like the Emperor in Star Wars.

Come to the Dark Side

I’ve been trying to tell y’all that Jakeem Grant can fly, so how many pictures of him actually levitating will it take to convince you?

I Believe I Can Fly

We knew RB/WR/QB Albert Wilson was versatile, but who gave him the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos? He snapped his fingers and made the Oakland Raiders disappear. [snap]

Aw Snap

Together, Grant & Wilson are proving a point to the league. #SpeedThrills

Peace Out Raiders

Major props to current MVP candidate Ryan Tannehill. Additional props to the scoreboard operator at Hard Rock Stadium, whose game is also on-point. Shout-out to Omar & Big O.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs