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2018 NFL Power Rankings Week 4 - Rams stay on top, Dolphins move into top ten

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The third week of the 2018 NFL season has come and gone, and three teams remain undefeated on the season, with all three now in the top ten of our Week 3 2018 NFL Power Rankings. We are still seeing some of the big movements, with a team falling nine places this week as well as several teams moving five or six positions. Most of the moves, however, are only a few positions, meaning we may be getting closer to matching where teams should be ranked.

This week’s rankings saw no movement at the top spot or the bottom position, though everyone in between the two did move at least one spot.

Los Angeles keeps top spot

The Los Angeles Rams won the battle for LA, keeping a firm grasp on the number one position while everyone behind them started shifting. The Philadelphia Eagles moved up three positions after a win over Indianapolis. The Chiefs jumped up five positions to take the third spot following a win against San Francisco. The Jacksonville Jaguars fall two spots after a weird 9-6 loss to Tennessee - should the have been a bigger drop? The top five are then rounded out by the team that gives me the largest issue in the power rankings so far this year, the New Orleans Saints, who moved up two positions after an over time win in Atlanta.

Good teams fall

There are several good teams that fell out of the top five/ten this week, but probably will claw their way back up at some point. The Green Bay Packers lost to Washington, pushing them from four to six. The New England Patriots, who lost to Detroit, are seventh this week after being sixth last week. The Minnesota Vikings fall to eighth with a loss to Buffalo, dropping five spots. The Atlanta Falcons are down to 11th after being ninth last week following their lost to the Saints while the Los Angeles Chargers dropped to tenth from eighth following their loss to the Rams. All five of those teams feel like they should be able to rebound, but they all also only have one win, so next week, they will either start trying to reclaim a ranking that it feels like they should have, or they will see a plummet down the rankings to reflect a horrible start to the season.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins, the third of the undefeated teams after the Rams and the Chiefs, find themselves in the top ten for the first time this year, coming in as the ninth team in the league. They face the New England Patriots this week, meaning it will be number nine at number seven, with a win likely pushing the victors toward - or even into - the top five. Will that be Miami? Could they be 4-0 after the first quarter of the season?

Biggest Gain (+6)

The Buffalo Bills jump up six spots after upsetting the Vikings. I know there will be people who look at the Houston Texans at 0-3 one spot ahead of the 1-2 Bills and take issue with that, but for now, I feel like this is about where Buffalo should be, at least until they prove that was not a one-off weekend for them.

Biggest Loss (-9)

The Dallas Cowboys drop nine positions this week down to 29th. I feel like that was a really harsh drop after a 24-13 loss to Seattle, but I also did not feel like they should have been higher. Maybe 29 is low for them, but at this point, there is where I have them.

The cellar

The Arizona Cardinals are still in last place after a loss to Chicago. The Oakland Raiders drop three positions after losing to Miami - if Oakland were only playing three periods instead of four quarters, this team would probably be better than 0-3 and 31st in the power rankings. The New York Jets drop four position to the 30th spot after being the first team to lose to the Cleveland Browns since Christmas Eve 2016. The Cowboys and the Detroit Lions are in the 29th and 28th spots, respectively. Detroit saw a modest two position game after beating the Patriots, which kind of feels like it was not enough of a jump.

Undefeated Teams

1 - Los Angeles Rams (3-0)
3 - Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)
9 - Miami Dolphins (3-0)

2018 NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Rank Team LW Results Change
Rank Team LW Results Change
1 New Orleans Saints (8-1) 2 W, 51-14 @ Bengals 1
2 Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) 3 W, 26-14 vs. Cardinals 1
3 Los Angeles Rams (9-1) 4 W, 36-31 vs. Seahawks 1
4 New England Patriots (7-3) 1 L, 10-34 @ Titans -3
5 Los Angeles Chargers (7-2) 5 W, 20-6 @ Raiders 0
6 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2-1) 6 W, 52-21 vs. Panthers 0
7 Minnesota Vikings (5-3-1) 8 BYE 1
8 Green Bay Packers (4-4-1) 9 W, 31-12 vs. Dolphins 1
9 Carolina Panthers (6-3) 7 L, 21-52 @ Steelers -2
10 Houston Texas (6-3) 10 BYE 0
11 Chicago Bears (6-3) 13 W, 34-22 vs. Lions 2
12 Tennessee Titans (5-4) 17 W, 34-10 vs. Patriots 5
13 Washington Redskins (6-3) 15 W, 16-3 @ Buccaneers 2
14 Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) 14 L, 14-51 vs. Saints 0
15 Atlanta Falcons (4-5) 11 L, 16-28 @ Browns -4
16 Philadelphia Eagles (4-5) 12 L, 20-27 vs. Cowboys -4
17 Miami Dolphins (5-5) 16 L, 12-31 @ Packers -1
18 Seattle Seahawks (4-5) 18 L, 31-36 @ Rams 0
19 Indianapolis Colts (4-5) 22 W, 29-26 vs. Jaguars 3
20 Baltimore Ravens (4-5) 21 BYE 1
21 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) 19 L, 26-29 @ Colts -2
22 Detroit Lions (3-6) 20 L, 22-34 @ Bears -2
23 Dallas Cowboys (4-5) 27 W, 27-20 @ Eagles 4
24 Buffalo Bills (3-7) 28 W, 41-10 @ Jets 4
25 Arizona Cardinals (2-7) 23 L, 14-26 vs. Chiefs -2
26 Cleveland Browns (3-6-1) 30 W, 28-16 vs. Falcons 4
27 New York Giants (2-7) 31 W, 27-23 @ 49ers 4
28 San Francisco 49ers (2-8) 26 L, 23-27 vs. Giants -2
29 Denver Broncos (3-6) 29 BYE 0
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) 24 L, 3-16 vs. Redskins -6
31 New York Jets (3-7) 25 L, 10-41 vs. Bills -6
32 Oakland Raiders (1-8) 32 L, 6-20 vs. Chargers 0