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Stop Doubting Our Team

Fly those flags proudly fans. We’re 3-0!

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was not a dream. It almost feels that way today. Our Miami Dolphins, who mind you, were considered to be one of the worst teams in the NFL, are now 3-0. That’s right. It feels oh so good!

Told ya it wasn’t a dream. Speaking of dreams, our day was made even better as a Dolphins fan by watching the Patriots lose to the Lions. They looked rough yesterday. However, they are still the Patriots and we will need to step up our game if we want to beat them next Sunday on the road. Can we do it? Absolutely. Our team proved yesterday that they are fighters. It won’t be easy, but if our guys can overcome all the issues our team went through yesterday, and come back to win in the second half, the Patriots need to worry about the Dolphins.

Let’s go ahead and dive into yesterday’s game shall we. Let me start by saying how, once again, we were not favored to win. At least, not from the crew on NFL GameDay that I was watching. I was getting ready to head to our fan club when they discussed our game. They had this cute video about Florida teams and were discussing how they are undefeated. They raved about the Jaguars and then when it came to Miami, it was all downhill talk from there. One guy believed in us. Just one.

Thanks Michael! If I’m being honest, a part of me wanted to win just to retweet this photo to point out how wrong the other guys were. I’m that person. By the way, Jaguars lost to Titans yesterday. Hmm. Anyways, back to the game.

The First Half

What an emotional game. Well, it was to me, at least. When the Raiders drove down the field and scored a touchdown within minutes of the start of the game, I started to have flashbacks of last season. My immediate thought was, well this is going to be stressful. They looked good. We looked lost. First quarter was looking rough. Then we see Xavien Howard, with his fist interception of the game, and that sparked some excitement.

Don’t you just love that guy? He, without a doubt, is one of the best corners in the NFL. I’m not alone with believing he is and clearly others believe the same.

I say the X-Factor earned player of the game. He had two interceptions yesterday. TWO! You better be prepared to hear his name come up way more often. Here’s some info on how he’s been playing so far this season.

This is just three games people. Just three. I’ll show his second interception in just a bit too, but first back to the first half of the game. Oh, let’s throw this in here real quick.

As I said earlier, the game was emotional and it was. The Raiders were playing rough. There was some fights happening. We got a few “holding” calls from refs that should have never been called. Even the guys announcing the game (who seemed to be bigger fans of the Raiders) agreed there were some nonsense calls. But, hey not much you can do. Cam Wake got a sack in the second quarter. Yay! That play got many fans excited until you heard the whistle and hear number 93, DT Akeem Spence, is ejected from the game. This was after DE Hayes was taken out of the game, earlier in the second quarter, due to an injury. We didn’t know at the time, but now learned he is done for the season with a torn ACL. It doesn’t help to learn that he was probably injured due to trying to avoid putting all his bodyweight when tackling QB Carr. This was all in the first half of the game. This was going to be a long game.

Don’t worry, I did not forget about the absolutely perfectly thrown touchdown pass from Tannehill to Stills. Let’s watch that again, because it’s that beautiful.

Man, that was pretty. Yeah, no need to ever discuss Tannehill having issues throwing deep passes.

The Second Half

The first half of the game was a roller coaster of emotions. Our team needed to fight hard to win this game. The Raiders started the 3rd quarter off driving the ball down the field and scoring a touchdown to bring the game to 17-7 towards end of the third quarter. It was not pretty. Seeing Gruden with a smirk on his face after that TD was not pretty.

We needed to fight back and we did just that. Tannehill led the team down the field, thanks to completed passes to Amendola and Parker, and Grant finished that drive with a 19-yd run into the endzone for a touchdown.

That was the play that let everyone know, the Dolphins are not going down without a fight.

Just a little over seven minutes left in the game and we were still down by 3 points. You know how some people call our offensive play calling vanilla? Not creative? Hmm...well then.

How did you like that? I think this was when I tweeted out I may have jumped around in excitement a bit too much after that play. How did you celebrate that game leading touchdown? Our club exploded in cheers. Our club is on a patio near a busy light and I think people at other restaurants peaked over at us to see what all the excitement was about. I think the Dolphins summed up how all of us were feeling at the moment with this clip.

It’s near the end of the 4th and it looked as if the Raiders were about to drive down for a touchdown. Then enters the X-factor.

Howard with his second interception of the game. I love that guy!

We were about to head into the two minute warning, the score was 17-21 and here came the best way to seal this win.

What a game! I love our team! I love what our team is becoming. We came back and fought hard and won. P.S. Let’s ask google who is leading our division.

Fly those flags high. High-five any fellow fan you come across. Keep that smile on your face all week. We earned it. We deserve it. We are 3-0. We are the Miami Dolphins. We coming for you. Don’t you dare doubt us.

See you all back here next Monday. It’s Pats week. Be ready for us Brady.