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2018 Phinsider Awards Voting Round Two

New Yorkers Go To The Polls In New York State Primary Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

We now, finally, get to the second round of voting on the awards to be handing out following the voting and induction to the Phinsider Hall of Fame and the voting on the first round of four awards. I would, yes, yet again like to apologize for the delay in getting these posted in a timely manner. Have been dealing with a lot of tough family issues. this round of voting we will vote on four different awards from among the top nominated site members.

The first of the four awards we will vote on is the The Adam Gase Award. This award is given to the hardest working, do-everything blogger on the Phinsider.

The nominees are as follows-

  • Kevin Nogle
  • James McKinney
  • Dolfan88

The second award to be voted on is The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award, given to the best older blogger over 40.

The nominees are as follows-

  • Dolfan88
  • PhinsTifosi
  • CT1361
  • Alpha6

The third award to be voted on is The Gary Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award, given to the funniest Blogger on the site.

The nominees are as follows-




The fourth and final award to be voted on this round is The Richie Incognito Award, given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.

The nominees are as follows-

  • Loves2drink
  • Francisco
  • PhinsTifosi
  • Wild Zion Beaver
  • CG17

Please follow this link to vote on each of these categories HERE!