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Dolphins leading the AFC East

Enjoy Victory Monday DolFans

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

How’s your Monday going? If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, I hope you woke up with smile on your face. I know I did. I mean, come on fans, how good does it feel to be 2-0?!

Oh yeah, that’s right. We are currently one of only seven teams who are undefeated. Soak it all up fans. Enjoy this moment. Without a doubt, we have earned the right to brag a bit about our team. Remember just a couple weeks ago, most NFL analysts/writers had us as one of the worst, if not the worst, teams in the NFL. Hmm...ok then. I tweeted a post-game celebration video out last night of me asking google who was in the lead of our division.

Yes, I’m still just as excited today. Also, didn’t realize I cut off my chant at the end but it’s good.

We beat the Jets. The Patriots and the Bills lost. It was a good day my friends. Only way it could have been better, is if I was there to watch the game live with everyone at The MetLife Takeover. I had several friends of mine there who attended. It was a blast according to everyone! I’m so proud of our fan base for showing up like they did. Here are some pictures the Miami Dolphins tweeted out from it.

If you have yet to attend one of these, please find a way to go. It’s worth it. I promise you that. Just listen to the crowd here.

Just all the goosebumps and I wasn’t even there. If you went, and you’re reading this, congratulations on the big win and thank you for being loud and proud at Metlife stadium. We all could hear you chanting, “Go Dolphins” at home. You fans are the real MVP’s!

Now, let’s discuss the game. I mean, what a game, right? Yes, we may chant the Jets suck, but let’s be honest. They aren’t that bad. We won that game, but it wasn’t a walk in the park. First off, we lost a key player. Losing our starting guard Sitton mid-week and knowing he is out for the season, is a tough one. He, without a doubt, was missed yesterday. Our o-line showed some signs of struggle early on and during parts of the game. Ted Larsen looked decent, but missed some tackles. We miss you Sitton!

Alright, I’m gonna go there. I’m over some of the hate Tannehill gets. Many other fans are over it. Tannehill did not play his best game yesterday. Yes, he held on to the ball a few seconds too long on some plays, which led to him being sacked. The ball slipping out of his hands, causing a fumble, made you want to hit your head on the table. Can he have bad plays without people immediately criticizing him on social media? Did you all see how many times Tannehill went running to get us that first down? Here’s one to refresh your memory.

He carried this team. He had some mistakes, but he was still impressive. He got us that win. Remember this guy missed all of last season and end of 2016. It’s only his second game. Here are some quick stats from yesterday that was tweeted out.

Let’s not forget, his o-line was changed mid-week. If you watched replays you will see where Tannehill may have had two seconds after the snap before he was running from a Jet’s defender. I may have triggered some fans yesterday when I tweeted this out.

If you are unfamiliar with Fireman Ed, he is the Jet’s “superfan” who decided to retire on his team a season or two ago and then came back. Yeah, don’t be like Fireman Ed. We won. Tannehill brought us a win. We won a game that nobody thought we would win away, against a division team. Just look at how cute they look chanting.

I contribute weekly to give you my reaction and views on the happenings with the Miami Dolphins. Remember, my first couple pieces it seemed like Landry couldn’t let his saltiness go? He constantly brought up the Dolphins and how we hurt him and as a fan base we got tired of the negativity? Don’t be like Landry. If our team starts to look like 2017 Dolphins, then I think we can all start to worry. I mean, let’s look at this tweet real quick.

Well, look at that fans. If that doesn’t make ya wanna say, “That’s my Quarterback!” maybe this post-game clip will. You can tell the guys on this team are proud to call him their quarterback.

That’s my quarterback!

Player of the Game

My favorite player from Sunday was Kiko Alonso. That being said, I have to mention Frank Gore. First of all, congratulations Frank Gore!

Stud! We, as a team and fan base, are blessed to have you on our team. Here he was getting some love on GMFB on Friday’s show.

He got those yards. He’s the 4th leading rusher in NFL history. I bet you’re loving this Monday too Gore.

Kiko, I love you! The guy seemed to be everywhere on Sunday. He was a key player in stopping the Jet’s offense.

I swear, every other play I went, “Oh there’s Kiko again.” He may not be the most well-liked player, and people may question some of his hits, but I like the guy. He is playing some of his best football this season and it’s only week three.

Final Thoughts

How did you all celebrate the win? Where did you watch the game? I was able to watch with my Atlanta DolFan;s Club. It was such a good day. Here is a picture of some of us representing at the local club here at Rosati’s Pizza and Pub.

You know what was even better after winning? Watching the Patriots lose that evening. It was a really really good day. I want to leave you with this clip from this morning on GMFB.

The Miami Dolphins are not a team to mess with. We are angry and good. We have Raiders this week at home. We should win this game. I can’t wait to be back here next Monday discussing our team leading the AFC East, yet again, for another week. Fins Up!