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SUTTON on Sitton Film Study: Our New Left Guard’s Debut Vs. Tennessee Titans (More GIF’s Than I Have Kids)

We’ve been bitching and complaining about guard play for years. Let’s take a gander and see how our new left guard measures up.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No foreplay, let’s get right to it.

This is a well designed blitz. Notice the late Mike bail (showed A gap blitz to start), and the Will slides into the B gap, as the protection was likely called to move right with the pre-snap look. He doesn’t even appear to peek left, so that to me says that his job was to play-side right and he expected Laremy Tunsil to pick him up. Tunsil got called for holding here.

Ultimately, this pressure might get pinned on Josh Sitton, but I’m a little iffy on its attribution. I think the blame is more widespread than Sitton alone.

No excuses here. Sitton gets caught drifting left as the DT gets immediate penetration crossing in front of his face. Good thing Ryan Tannehill gets it out in about 1.5 seconds to Kenny Stills for the Miami Dolphins touchdown.

Does his job. Gets moved back a bit, but he’s trying to anchor down on a big human moving fast. At any rate, Ryan Tannehill recognizes the pressure, gets the ball out quickly and moves the chains.

People, notice something on this play. This is a veteran savvy move: he knows he’s got Daniel Kilgore’s help inside, watch him snap his head outside to make sure everything is cool over there to his left. Football IQ in a viking’s body.

Not much to say here, anchors down and does his job. Opens up a natural passing lane for Tannehill.

That’s a ridiculous hole and Sitton/Kilgore demonstrate double-teaming the DT 101. If I’m nitpicking, I’d like to see him peel off and climb to the Mike but it was a worthwhile double-team nonetheless.

I like this block because Wilson can either stay outside or try to cut back inside and Sitton would’ve been able to help him in either scenario: he had great leverage perpendicular to the line of scrimmage.

Penalty on Miami made it 1st and 20. The offense bounces right back with Frank Gore scampering for the 1st down, and it’s made possible by Josh Sitton getting a good push outside but also making his man collide with his teammate which gave enough of a crease for Gore to capitalize.

Again, doing his job. His guy gets twisted around and starts to fall down at the end.

Ryan Tannehill on a gorgeous deep ball to Kenny Stills on a post pattern for the touchdown. There’s Josh Sitton, taking a slight bump from Tunsil to slow the momentum, and Sitton stands him up from there. Tannehill has plenty of space to get that rocket loaded. Let’s be blunt, Elon Musk has nothing on Tannehill’s rocket. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist myself.)

What did you all think, fam? What’s your thoughts on Josh Sitton in his opening game with the Dolphins?