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Phinsider Radio: Week 2 Preview Vs. The New York Jets

Phinsider Radio dissects every phase of the ball, and what we can expect this Sunday at the MetLife Takeover.

New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

*Just click the play button right above this and enjoy! Phinsider Radio is excited to be a part of the SB Nation network of podcasts. Only 7 podcasts were chosen for the initial unveil, and we were one of them!

The Miami Dolphins are fresh off a bizarro world victory over the Tennessee Titans in the longest game in NFL history. We follow that up with the baby diarrhea-colored AFC East foes, the New York Jets, at MetLife Stadium this Sunday, who made a splash on Monday Night Football winning vs. the Detroit Lions 48-17.

Houtz, MC$, and myself will break down both sides of the ball, all the key matchups, and how we’d go about game planning for the Week 2 tilt. Sam Darnold’s first professional pass might get brought up somehow; we might even disagree with each other on Darnold’s prospects after the national media had a little bit of a crush on him.

What do you think the game plan is going into Sunday for the Dolphins? Let us know down in the Comments Section.

2-0? We’ll have to take care of a division rival on the road. Let’s get it done!

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