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2018 NFL Power Rankings Week 2

New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Love them or hate them, Power Rankings are a popular discussion point on Tuesdays. We read them, we argue about them, we agree with them, we dissect them, we wonder why Team A is ahead of Team B when Team B just beat Team A, and we wonder why Team C who beat Team B is behind both Team A and Team B. It is definitely a normal part of Tuesday now.

With that said, it is time to release my Week 2 NFL Power Rankings. I did not release my Week 1 Power Rankings last week - mostly because I put together the rankings on Thursday and by the time I was ready, the game had started and it was too late. That said, my Last Week rankings are included in the rankings below.

At the top

Nothing should be surprising about the top of the rankings, with the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, and Los Angeles Rams all in the top four, with no changes to the rankings from last week. The Jacksonville Jaguars round out the top five, moving up one position.

The Green Bay Packers move three spots to claim the sixth position, while the New Orleans Saints fall two spot after losing at home. I feel like allowing 48 points at home should make a team fall more, but for this week, I kept it small and want to see what happens next week. The Kansas City Chiefs made a four-position move and are now eighth; I feel like this might be a little too high for the Chiefs, but I did not see them behind any of the teams close to them in the rankings, so we will see if they stay in this area for fall to just outside the top ten. The Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons round out the top ten, with the Panthers up two position and the Falcons, who lost to the Eagles, fall two spots.

The Middle

After you get outside of the top ten, it feels like there are several teams that could quickly rise or fall as the season gets rolling. The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped four positions after a tie with the Cleveland Browns, while the Chargers are down two position after losing to the Chiefs. The Baltimore Ravens moved up one spot after a 47-3 victory, and I really wanted to see them move up higher, but with how the Bills looked, and even Baltimore Beatdown calling the game a “sixth preseason game,” I did not see a way to weigh that win as overly impressive. The Houston Texans move down one position after losing to the Patriots, more because the Ravens deserved to move up than anything the Texans did in the game.

The Chicago Bears fell one position down to 16 after a one-point loss to the Packers. If they keep playing like they did in that game, they probably will start moving up the rankings quickly. The Denver Broncos moved up to 17th from 20th last week, while the Tennessee Titans fell one position to 18th. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers jumped six spots with their win over the New Orleans Saints; the only question here is whether or not Ryan Fitzpatrick can continue to play like that. The Washington Redskins are 20th after a three position rise, while the San Francisco 49ers are down to 21 after a loss to the Vikings, dropping three spots. The Dallas Cowboys then fall one position after a rather lackluster performance against the Carolina Panthers.

Miami Dolphins

Right in the middle of those “The Middle” teams are the Dolphins, who moved from 16 last week to 15 this week. I am probably higher on the Dolphins than most of the power rankings from outside the South Florida market, but I just never felt like this team was a bottom tier club. They feel like a middle of the pack team right now, with the capability to either explode or implode. Sitting in the 15th position seems fair.

Dolphins 2018 high: 15
Dolphins 2018 low: 16

Biggest Climb

The New York Jets jumped nine places this week, up from 32nd to 23rd. They demolished the Detroit Lions on Monday night, but Detroit did look really bad. I need to see more from the Jets before I am ready to skyrocket them any further.

Biggest Drop

The Lions dropped from 19th to dead last at 32. If you want to argue that the Buffalo Bills looked just as bad, if not worse, than the Lions, I would consider it, but at least the Bills can decide at some point to get their rookie quarterback experience. The Lions are Matthew Stafford’s team and there is not a lot of change they can expect if he, and the rest of the team, continue to play like they did on Monday night.

The Rest

The bottom of the league did not see a lot of changes in terms of teams, other than the plummet from the Lions, but they did see some teams complete some jumps or falls. The Seattle Seahawks lost two spots, while the Oakland Raiders lost one, with the two clubs ending up in 24th and 25th, respectively. The 26th and 27th positions were claimed by last week’s 30th and 31st teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns - a tie for the Browns is not a loss, and they are rewarded for not losing this week. The New York Giants fall two positions to 28th, while the Indianapolis Colts remained the same in 29th. The Arizona Cardinals fall three spots to 30th, with the Bills and Lions rounding out the rankings.

2018 Power Rankings - Week 2

Rank Team LW Results
Rank Team LW Results
1 Philadelphia Eagles 1 W, 18-12 vs. Falcons
2 Minnesota Vikings 2 W, 24-16 vs. 49ers
3 New England Patriots 3 W, 27-20 vs. Texans
4 Los Angeles Rams 4 W, 33-13 @ Raiders
5 Jacksonville Jaguars 6 W, 20-15 @ Giants
6 Green Bay Packers 9 W, 24-23 vs. Bears
7 New Orleans Saints 5 L, 40-48 vs. Buccaneers
8 Kansas City Chiefs 12 W, 38-28 @ Chargers
9 Carolina Panthers 11 W, 16-8 vs. Cowboys
10 Atlanta Falcons 8 L, 12-18 @ Eagles
11 Pittsburgh Steelers 7 Tie, 21-21 @ Browns
12 Los Angeles Chargers 10 L, 28-38 vs. Chiefs
13 Baltimore Ravens 14 W, 47-3 vs. Bills
14 Houston Texas 13 L, 20-27 @ Patriots
15 Miami Dolphins 16 W, 27-20 vs. Titans
16 Chicago Bears 15 L, 24-23 @ Packers
17 Denver Broncos 20 W, 27-24 vs. Seahawks
18 Tennessee Titans 17 L, 20-27 @ Dolphins
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 25 W, 48-40 @ Saints
20 Washington Redskins 23 W, 24-6 @ Cardinals
21 San Francisco 49ers 18 L, 16-24 @ Vikings
22 Dallas Cowboys 21 L, 8-16 @ Panthers
23 New York Jets 32 W, 48-17 @ Lions
24 Seattle Seahawks 22 L, 24-27 @ Broncos
25 Oakland Raiders 24 L, 13-33 vs. Rams
26 Cincinnati Bengals 30 W, 34-23 @ Colts
27 Cleveland Browns 31 Tie, 21-21 vs. Steelers
28 New York Giants 26 L,15-20 vs. Jaguars
29 Indianapolis Colts 29 L, 23-34 vs. Bengals
30 Arizona Cardinals 27 L, 6-24 vs. Redskins
31 Buffalo Bills 28 L, 3-47 @ Ravens
32 Detroit Lions 19 L, 17-48 vs. Jets