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Phinsider Meme Central: Game 1

Clash with the Titans

Get Some

...wait, I think the teams are taking the field & warming up again...

I’m glad the NFL season has finally started, but for the love of everything holy it felt like Sunday’s game would never end. The league seriously needs to revise their Lightning Policy when the sun is shining brightly with no rain in sight. It’s south Florida, there are ALWAYS scattered thunderstorms this time of year. We built the damn sombrero for the stadium that the league wanted after that rainy Super Bowl, they finally gave us back September home games kicking off at 1pm, but now this Lightning Policy is here to ruin all the fun. I guarantee those 4 spires atop Hard Rock Stadium have giant ground straps to protect from lightning strikes.

Believe it or not, there was a game played! You already know the outcome, so let’s get to the fun stuff...

Maybe that lightning threat actually came from Metallica fan Reshad Jones.

Ride The Lightning

Marcus Mariota has recurring nightmares when looking downfield against Miami.

Mariota Nightmare Fuel

When he wasn’t picking off passes, Reshad Jones recorded a TFL so vicious, it ended this RBs existence and planted him in the ground. RIP Dion Lewis.

He gone!

It wasn’t all defense though, as Jakeem Grant actually took flight after Darren Rizzi slipped him a Red Bull. It gives you wings!

Grant Can Fly

Who needs to #TitanUp now?

God of War

After 637 days, Ryan Tannehill was back in the starting line up for the Miami Dolphins. The 7-year veteran looked sharp for most of the game. He finished with a 20/28 for 230 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Welcome back, Ryan Tannehill

@houtz | Bah Gawd almighty! It’s Ryan Tannehill

Reshad “the goat” Jones played out of his mind on Sunday. He was all over the field and made plays in both the run and pass game. His final stat line was 7 tackles and 2 interceptions. It was his first time with two interceptions in a NFL game. Now go to your room, Blaine Mariota.

@ houtz | Who’s your daddy, Titans?

In DeVante Parker’s absence, Jakeem Grant stepped up and made an impact in the passing game, recording 5 receptions for 38 yards. More importantly however, Grant made a big impact in the return game, when he made Dolphins history with his 102-yard kickoff return. It was the second longest touchdown in team history. Grant earned additional reps with his play on Sunday and should see his snap count skyrocket as the season progresses.

@houtz | Jakeem Grant is out of this world