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Dolphins announce scheduled uniform colors

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have announced their uniform color combinations for the 2018 season. The schedule was released via the team’s website for their uniform changes this season - which largely removed the marine blue from the uniforms and darkened the orange that was previously used.

The Dolphins will wear white uniforms - white jersey and white pants - at the Week 1 game against the Tennessee Titans, Week 3 against the Oakland Raiders, Week 6 against the Chicago Bears, and Week 7 against the Detroit Lions.

The team will wear aqua jerseys and white pants for the Week 9 game against the New York Jets. They will wear an all aqua combination against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 16.

The Dolphins will breakout their throwback uniforms for the Week 13 game against the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots in Week 14.

On the road, the Dolphins will primarily wear their white jerseys and aqua pants.

The Dolphins’ full schedule for 2018 is:

Week 1 - All white
Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, September 9, 1pm

Week 2
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets, Sunday, September 16, 1pm

Week 3 - All white
Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, September 23, 1pm

Week 4
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots, Sunday, September 30, 1pm

Week 5
Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, October 7, 1pm

Week 6 - All white
Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, October 14, 1pm

Week 7 - All white
Detroit Lions at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, October 21, 1pm

Week 8
Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans, Thursday, October 25, 8:20pm

Week 9 - Aqua jersey/white pants
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, November 4, 1pm

Week 10
Miami Dolphins at Green Bay Packers, Sunday, November 11, 1pm

Week 11

Week 12
Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts, Sunday, November 25, 1pm

Week 13 - Throwback
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, December 2, 1pm

Week 14 - Throwback
New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, December 9, 1pm

Week 15
Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings, Sunday, December 16, 1pm

Week 16 - All Aqua
Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins, Sunday, December 23, 1pm

Week 17
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills, Sunday, December 30, 1pm