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1 vs. 2: Fitzpatrick and Gesicki face off in Dolphins training camp 2018

The Miami Dolphins held their final training camp practice before their Preseason Week 1 contest on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the day’s practice seemed to largely be made up of the defensive line abusing the offensive line and getting to quarterback Ryan Tannehill for would-be sacks, there was another brief matchup that was intriguing. Miami’s first-round pick, safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, and their second-round pick, tight end Mike Gesicki, faced off a couple of times on the day.

And both won at least once.

Gesicki caught a red zone touchdown pass from Tannehill, continuing his strong performance near the end zone and continuing to build hype that the rookie could become a key contributor this year. Of note, Gesicki caught this pass by out positioning and out leaping Fitzpatrick.

Immediately after that play, however, the downside of Gesicki surfaced when he was beaten on a blitz, allowing a sack of Tannehill. Who was blitzing? Of course it was Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins should be excited about the play of both players so far this summer. On Thursday, they both should have a chance to get some NFL experience against the Buccaneers. Both will make rookie mistakes - and Gesicki has to clean up his pass blocking - but they appear to be the real deal for Miami, and, as they face off against each other in camp, their potential should be exciting fans.