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Miami Dolphins First Preseason Game is 3 Days Away

Who will shine this week?

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It’s here my friends. The first Miami Dolphins preseason game is this Thursday at Hard Rock against the Buccaneers. We get to see our team take the field. It’s time for the younger players and/or those fighting for a roster spot, to show they are deserve to be on the 53 man roster. It’s also the time, as a fan, where we’re crossing our fingers and praying that players make it through the game injury free. One thing for sure is I hope we play better than the scrimmage game from Saturday.

If you followed the game from Saturday on Twitter/FB, you may have had a similar reaction as I did. What happened to the game? Why are they not showing it anymore? Yeah, well by now, you’ve probably read that Gase ended the game a bit early. Actually just after an hour of playing due to the amount of pre-snap penalties. Here is Gase’s post-game press conference He starts off by saying, “The only thing I noticed was the pre-snap penalities. We’ve just got to get that cleaned up.” There have already been several articles written about that game, but here are my quick thoughts on it. Defense stood out. Way too many penalties. Was the game that big of a deal? Not really. It was more or less to get them ready for upcoming game on Thursday. However, penalties were a major issue for us last season. We were one of the worst penalized teams in 2017. Combine that with Cutler’s weekly performances, most games were spent taking long deep breathes while trying not to slam your head against the table. The Dolphins have today and tomorrow to prepare before Thursday’s game. I’m hoping to see a bit more action and a lot less penalty calls.

I’m only bringing this player up again, because this was a highlight of the week. If you enjoy a good craft beer, or just a cold beer, and find yourself near Funky Buddha Brewery (Oakland Park, FL) you must try the Landry’s Tears special release. Curious of the taste? Well, as described, “It’s sour, bitter, and just a little bit salty.”

Funky Buddha Brewery If you do get to try one, please comment or tweet at me. It will be available on draft in their tap room for the Dolphins game this Thursday.

Let’s briefly discuss the depth chart that the Miami Dolphins released Sunday morning. I’m not too worried about it. They are required to have one before the preseason opening game. One example from it is Gesicki (quickly becoming my favorite rookie player) listed as the 5th tight end. I’m not going to hold much value in this based on that alone. It will change. Gase stated at today’s post-practice interview, “I wouldn’t look too deep into the depth chart.” Gase was asked why Drake and Gore were listed as OR on the chart and his response, “Just to be an a**hole.” Like I said, don’t pay much attention to that chart.

Miami Dolphins

I mentioned last week I want to highlight players/plays of the week. Mike Geseiki, had another great week at training camp and showing each day he wants that starting TE position. However, this week I want to highlight CB Xavien Howard. Howard had a slower start to training camp, but as Joe Schad tweeted on Thursday, he seems to be showing he wants to be a top CB this 2018 season.

Xavien Howard’s name was filling up my Twitter feed after his three interceptions from Thursday’s practice. Howard said during his post-practice interview, “I’m going out there getting better each day.” He continued with, “It’s having the confidence in yourself. You got to think you’re the best every day.” Howard really started to show his skills towards the end of 2017 season and he is making his presence known this 2018 season. Like the Miami Dolphins tweeted last week, don’t sleep on Xavien Howard.

What are you hoping to see on Thursday’s game? Personally, I’m wondering if Fales or Osweiler will get more playing time at quarterback. As a fan, do you try to watch the pre-season games or just read the next day reports?

We’re just 34 days until the first 2018 regular season game. I hope you all enjoyed your last non-football weekend of 2018.