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Film Breakdown: Why the Dolphins expect big things from rookie tight end Mike Gesicki

The Dolphins and Adam Gase finally have a play-making tight end to take their offense to the next level.

When the Dolphins drafted Mike Gesicki in the second-round (42nd overall) of the 2018 NFL Draft, they expected the 6’6 tight end to have an immediate impact. His first week of training camp was up and down. Enough so, that the Miami Herald was already referring to him as a disappointment. This week -in A.J Derby’s absence- Gesicki got first-team reps exclusively, and made the most of every opportunity.

So why is Mike Gesicki’s success so important for the present and long-term success of the Miami Dolphins?

The answer is simple. Adam Gase’s offense needs a legit seam-threat that can keep defenses honest, and create mismatches on the outside. Truth is, 99% of NFL linebackers CAN NOT cover Mike Gesicki. I know. He has yet to play an NFL snap, so why do I say this with such confidence? Because he’s just too big and too fast to be stopped.

We continue to hear some comparisons by fans to Rob Gronkowski, for the very reason that he is the best tight end in NFL history. The guy can line up anywhere on the field, and the odds of him losing a one-on-one match up is > 1%. He’s just that good. To me, I see more of Jimmy Graham from Mike Gesicki, which is definitely not a bad thing. His ability to use his 4.5 speed to beat defenders, and then shield them with his big body is a thing of beauty.

If Mike Gesicki can be half the player that Gronkowski or Graham have become in the NFL, the Dolphins offense will be better off as a unit. Gesicki’s presence in the offense, opens things up for those receivers on the outside. Most importantly, it gives Ryan Tannehill a security blanket. Someone he can trust when things break down.


First, let’s look at Mike Gesicki’s measurables. He had one of the best combines EVER for a tight end prospect. He is not human.

We all saw what Mike Gesicki did during his time at Penn State. Let’s take a look at some of his top plays, and see just how unstoppable he really was.

Here we see Mike Gesicki sell the block, before turning up-field towards the corner of the end zone. Well executed play, with one hell of a catch to finish the drive.

Plays like this don’t work in the NFL, unless of course your name is Aaron Rodgers. In this play, Trace McSorley throws up a prayer that only one man can catch. Gesicki skies up above two defenders like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 2 and makes an improbable catch. Big man, making big plays.

Here, Mike Gesicki is lined up in the slot, one-on-one with a linebacker. These are the favorable match ups Adam Gase will be looking to exploit on Sundays. The play is designed for things to open up underneath for the slot receiver, but both defenders run with Gesicki. The linebacker tries to hold Gesicki, but that’s not going to stop him from finding pay dirt.

In this play, Mike Gesicki is lined up in a three-point stance like a traditional tight end. The outside linebacker is in coverage, and does a great job of not buying the fake to the outside. Gesicki uses his big body to shield the defender, making it nearly impossible to stop.

The adjustment on this pass is unbelievable. Gesicki skies up into the air and catches a well placed back-shoulder throw from McSorley. Great throw and catch.

One more look at that incredible catch.

Gesicki made ton of highlight reel plays during his time at Penn State, and now he’s doing the same during NFL practices. We won’t know what Gesicki is truly capable of until the regular season, but we are all intrigued to see how he continues to develop throughout preseason and training camp.

Back shoulder for six!

One on one in the red zone, Mike Gesicki is going to win that battle every time.

The adjustment on this ball is pure insanity.

He has slowly developed a repertoire with Tannehill, which could mean big things during the regular season. Gesicki went as far to say he would walk Tannehill’s dog if he asked him. Are these two inseparable?

How excited are you for Mike Gesicki? Are expectations too high for the rookie tight end? Let us know in the comment section below.

This article was written by Josh Houtz. Follow him on Twitter!

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