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Phinsider Meme Central: Preseason Game 3

Dress Rehearsal Time!


Our third fake game, also known as the Dress Rehearsal, is a wrap. If you’re concerned with what the scoreboard shows, you’re doing this all wrong. The hierarchy of needs for any preseason game is to avoid injuries, limit penalties and show some signs of life on both sides of the ball despite the vanilla play calling. To that end, the results were mixed with both good & bad. So, while the teams sorts through all those details, let’s have some fun...

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I love the ferocious mouthpiece that LB Jerome Baker wears, but maybe he’s taking that whole “Call of the Wild” theme a bit too far.

Baker - Feed The Wolf

Old McDonald had a tackle-for-loss...

Old McDonald

So pleased was McDonald with his play Saturday night that he joined Rashad da Gawd in the house of da Lawd on Sunday.

House of the Holy

Speaking of DBs, it’s pretty clear that Minkah Fitzpatrick has assumed the primary Slot CB role from Bobby McCain. Instead of passing off the baton, McCain decided to hand Fitzpatrick one of his giant brass balls he used to man the position previously. Yay teamwork!

Brass Balls

Hope you kids enjoyed this week’s shenanigans. If you have meme suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments and we will consider them. Cheers!