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2018 Phinsider Awards Voting Round One

Minnesota Primary Voters Head To The Polls Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

We now, finally, get to the first round of voting on the awards to be handing out following the voting and induction to the Phinsider Hall of Fame. I would like to once again apologize for the delay in getting these posted in a timely manner. I had a ton of company come through town then went on vacation with the wife before returning home and getting very sick. this round of voting we will vote on four different awards from among the top nominated site members.

The first of the four awards we will vote on is the “Don Shula Award”. The Don Shula Award is given to the blogger with the most insightful and knowledgeable posts and comments.

The nominees are as follows-


Josh Houtz

Chris Early


The Next award to be voted on is the “Zach Thomas Award”. The Zach Thomas Award is given to the blogger who best exemplifies sportsmanship and levelheadedness while posting and commenting.

The nominees are as follows-




darrel owen

The next award to be voted on is the “Jarvis Juice Landry Sophomore of the Year Award”. The Landry Award is given to the best sophomore blogger on the site.

The nominees are as follows-


Josh Houtz

Theodore Smith

39 is number 1

Note: While I gave some leeway in the nomination process for this award as not everyone is sure when everyone joined the site (tip-click on anyone’s handle and it will take you to their profile providing you with their sign up date at the site) I allowed any nominee that joined in 2016 or 2017 to be voted on. Scrappy the wildcat joined in 2009 and has not been a sophomore at anything in so long that he cannot remember. Dwanathan joined in 2013 so he is also sadly not eligible.

The last and final award for this round of voting is the “DeVante Parker Rookie Blogger of the Year Award”. This award as is obvious by its name is given out to the best rookie blogger on the site.

We have no eligible nominees for this award this year.

Please follow this link to vote on all three awards-