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Phinsider Meme Central: Preseason Game 1


Well now, the past week has been interesting, in a proctology exam sort of way. It began with a scrimmage where the offense could seemingly do no right, unless you’re counting pre-snap penalties and dropped passes. Not to be outdone, in the first preseason game we saw our defense take former DC Tom Olivadotti’s “bend but don’t break” defense to another level with their “bend so much, you don’t need to break” soft coverage & slow play diagnosis. While the events of the past week give Josh and I ample meme material, it’s not much fun as fans right now. So, while we wait to see if the team improves this week, let’s have some fun...

Last year I made some X-Men memes of CB Xavien Howard when his level of play improved drastically over the course of the season. In a cruel twist of fate, the preseason game versus the Bucs we saw Xavien look less like the X-Men and more like Deadpool and his X-Force. I hope it was a fluke, because we need “Maximum Effort!”

Deadpool X-Force

I’m not picking exclusively on Xavien Howard, because the entire defense was unimpressive against the lowly Bucs. However, those super clever Miami Dolphins marketing folks are on top of things, judging by their special handouts to fans attending the game.

Wait, what?

After fumbling overshadowed what was a decent debut for RB Kalen Ballage in his first preseason game, things got worse for the rookie in Sunday’s practice. After flubbing a blitz pickup that would surely cause QB1 much pain, a possible injury and perhaps a turnover, Ryan Tannehill kicked Ballage out of the huddle and later admonished him on the sidelines. C’mon rookie, do your job and don’t make Tannehill angry!

He Hate Me

Speaking of RBs, there were some bright spots in our first fake game. He may be buried on the depth chart, but reserve RB Señor Perry was having himself a full-on fiesta out there. ¡Vamos Señor Perry!

Señor Perry

All of the Dolphins running backs looked good on Thursday, but something about Senorise Perry looked eerily familiar. Maybe it was his dreads or the #34 draped across his chest. Whatever it may be, he looked a lot like another #34. RUN SENORISE RUN!

Run Senorise Run | @houtz

Brock Osweiler looked exceptionally bad in the Dolphins first preseason game of the year. So bad, that he probably won’t be on the roster much longer. We all knew Ryan Tannehill would look much better, and David Fales too. But even Bryce Petty looked light-years ahead of Brock Osweiler. He was throwing ducks all night long.

Osweiler throwing ducks | @houtz

Isaiah Ford has been the darling throughout training camp and showed why in his first action of the season. Ford looked the part of an NFL wide receiver, and almost certainly will be in consideration when the finally 53-man roster is decided.

$$$ FORD | @houtz