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Miami Dolphins Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preseason: Mike Gesicki Almost Hauls in Ridiculous Touchdown

Let’s just say we have an athletic tight end.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the box score, it’ll show up as an incompletion for 0 yards. However, if Miami Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki came down with this catch, Dolphins Nation would’ve assuredly been in a happy pandemonium. This route likely results in a touchdown if Ryan Tannehill throws this pass.

Let’s just admire Gesicki’s athleticism for a moment:

  • He times his jump perfectly, with the choppy steps just before the goal line so he can explode off both feet, with the proper spacing, to get maximum height on his jump. You can see the basketball background come into effect: rebounding is about timing the peak of your jump and Gesicki has this trait in spades.
  • Although he starts to turn his hips inward as the ball approaches, he nearly does a 180 while in mid-air while continuing to track the ball.
  • Full extension with one hand while still pirouetting in flight. The fact that he almost brings this into his chest is absurd.

I’ll admit that I don’t think he would’ve landed in bounds, but if he caught this, I think it would’ve immediately replaced the one-handed catch Jarvis Landry had against the Indianapolis Colts in recent Dolphins folklore.

Rookie TE’s don’t typically make a splash in year 1, but if his red zone value is any indicator, he’ll still have an integral niche in the 2018 offense. He’s as natural a jump-ball catcher as I’ve seen at the TE position.

The result of the play didn’t work out the way we wanted, but Mike Gesicki’s freaky athleticism was on full display, and the possibilities are exciting.