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First Week of Training Camp Complete

Tannehill 2.0 is our quarterback

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Training Camp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you all, but I call the first week of training camp a success. I woke up Thursday morning feeling like it was the first game of the season. Ryan Tannehill has returned. HE IS BACK! Since I couldn’t be there to watch in person, I spent that morning refreshing my twitter feed nonstop. I didn’t want to miss a single thing. The 2018 season has now officially begun my friends.

By now you have all probably seen or read about the Tannehill 2.0 knee brace. I mean, how perfect was that?! I’m still questioning the whole story of it not being planned, but either way that is his new nickname (I’ve already decided it’s a new hashtag for this season). I truly belive Tannehill is back and playing with a vengeance. I want to requote Matthew Cannata’s tweet about what Jeff Darlington said on @JoeRoseShow , “People are sleeping on Ryan Tannehill. They forget how well he was playing before he got hurt. He’s one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL.”

I couldn’t agree more. Before leaving the 2016 season with his season ending acl injury, Tannehill was one of the most sacked quarterbacks during 2012-2016 seasons. I don’t know many other quarterbacks in the league who could have lasted as long as he did injury free. Now that he has had a year to recover, and rebuild his strength, I believe he’s ready to prove to everyone that he’s not someone you just brush off. We drafted some rookies that I, for one, am excited to see develop and grow. They may very well turn out to be weapons Tannehill can utilize. We have a quarterback who has been nothing but supportive and a leader within the team over the last six years. He has earned the right to prove all the doubters wrong. We should give him that chance.

Speaking of passing judgement, I want to briefly express my reaction to the comments made of Tannehill by Britt McHenry.

I honestly had no idea who she was until I woke up Sunday and saw my news feed filled with reactions to her Twitter rant on Saturday. As a female athlete myself, and a Dolphins fan, I’m not sure how she came to that conclusion. I bet, without a doubt, the five women she listed would not claim to outplay an NFL quarterback. It would be the same as Ryan Tannehill claiming to outplay Serena Williams in a tennis match. It would never happen, and both have too much respect of the game and the work involved in being an athlete, to ever claim such nonsense. She mentioned she was a Dolphins fan, but may no longer be one. Let me go ahead and say on behalf of me, and possibly many fellow fans, farewell. You will not be missed.

I mentioned Landry in my first article and I was hoping we could move on from him. Well, apparently Landry is like that drunk person you don’t want to run into at the local pub. You know the kind, the one who can’t seem to move on from their past relationship. Nothing they did was appreciated and if only this or that was done it would have worked out better. Yet, we all know there are two sides to every story and it’s best to just cut ties, learn from the past, and move forward, right? I guess Landry feels as if he has some unfinished business and the best way to go about it is trashing his former team. Classy move Landry. Yes, Landry we noticed the article that circulated from SI. Yes, it was ridiculous. Oh and yes, I’m glad you are no longer with us. Stay classy Landry. I hope he enjoyed Tannehill’s IG video posted last week. Let’s allow Tannehill 2.0 to re-introduce himself.

I want to start adding in plays/players of the week. This will be a bit more in depth once the season begins. A few different guys stood out like Amendola connecting with Tannehill, Isahiah Ford looking to be the steal from the draft, and Reshard Jones showing he is back on day four of training camp. However, the play of the week goes to rookie TE Mike Gesicki with his one arm catch on Sunday. Yes please to more of this.

What are you excited to see more of next week? Thanks for all the feedback from my first post. Cheers to an even more productive second week of training camp!