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Phinsider Awards Nominations Post #3

Florida Approves Voting Reform Bill Photo by Robert King/Newsmakers

Now that the Phinsider Awards nominations for round one and two have been completed and we will move on to the third and final round of nominations for the awards section. This round will include five awards to be nominated for. As with the previous two rounds of nominations please place your nominations in the comments section below. Please remember that you nominate just one person per award for a total of 5 individual nominations per site member in this section with the top 5 to 10 nomination receivers making it to the voting post. Additionally please attach the screen name of the person you are nominating with the exact award you wish them to be up for. If this part is missed they will not make it on to the ballot as Kevin has stolen my psychic ability for his own evil uses.

I will leave the nominations for these awards open until at least Sunday night (midnight CST).

Below is the list of awards up for nominations along with previous years winners.

The Ryan Tannehill Punching Bag Award

Given to the blogger who tends to be everyone’s punching bag on the site.

2016 - Alpha6

2012 - Little Nicky 21

2010 - Samdaman

The Killer B’s Blogger Nickname Award

Given to the blogger with the best nickname.

2016 - Rumplepigskin

2012 - Chris Early (“Duke” Based on his former handle “The Earl”)

2010 - El Presidente 00 (“El Peezy”)

2009 - Matty I (“Eye in the sky”)

The Ohiofinfan4life Picture Perfect Award

Given to the blogger who best uses pictures in his/her posts and or comments.

2016 - Ohiopfinfan4life

2012 - AlejandroN

2010 - Ohiofinfan4life

2009 - Rzayo24

The Jim Mandich News Flash Award

Given to the blogger who posts the most up-to-date breaking news stories.

2016 - Kdog92

2012 - Kdog92

2010 - Patssuck456

2009 - LeftCoastFinFan

The Chad Pennington Crossing Enemy Lines Award

Given to the most knowledgeable and personable opposing/visiting blogger from another team’s SBNation NFL site.

2016 - The New Bradfather

2012 - SlotMachinePlayer

2010 - TheTealDeal

2009 - Fooch