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Phinsider Meme Central: Training Camp Week 1


Now that Thomas (@nashmax73) has officially joined The Phinsider crew, the two of us will join forces each week to bring you the best Miami Dolphins’ Photoshops on the internet. This will be a weekly installment that promises to change your life forever. Many moons ago the two of us had planned on starting a website and here we are sharing this experience on THE BEST Dolphins website on the planet.

Without further ado, here are our memes for week 1 of Miami Dolphins training camp.

It might be early on in training camp, but it appears Brock Osweiler’s days in Miami are numbered. Time to take out the trash!

Taking out the trash | @houtz

This off-season, DeVante Parker has gone on record as saying his diet has improved. How you might ask? His daily diet now includes salad, potatoes, pears and a meat of choice. Whatever it takes to finally see DVP breakout.

Eat right, DeVante | @houtz

Now that Ryan Tannehill is fully healthy, the dreams of winning a Super Bowl are alive and well again. Yes, it’s a long shot. But as long as Tannehill 2.0 is the Quarterback, there’s a chance.

Lombardi Tannehill | @houtz

Speaking of Ryan Tannehill, his family showed up to practice on Friday. While everyone was caught up in the cuteness-overload moment, nobody really seemed to notice young Steel Tannehill out here levitating objects. Maybe the father of Steel really is Kal-El.


It’s a little known fact that rookie Minkah Fitzpatrick can command offensive players to stop & drop with an inaudible sonic blast. We used special equipment to capture this in action.

Minkah Blast

As camp gets underway, Kalen Ballage is opening eyes. The rookie RB stands 6’2” at 230lbs, but has 4.4 speed in the open. Asked how someone his size is so fast, Kalen credited his offseason training program in the African Savannah.

Run Kalen Run

I think we can all agree that signing 4-3 DE Robert Quinn, who was miscast as a 3-4 OLB with the Rams, was one of our best offseason moves. He is routinely beating any OL that gets in his way during camp. Can’t wait to see him wreak havoc with Cam Wake!

The KraQuinn