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Phinsider Awards Nominations Post #2

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Now that the Phinsider Awards nominations for round one have been completed and we will move on to the second round of nominations for the awards section. This round will include four awards to be nominated for. As with the previous round of nominations please place your nominations in the comments section below. Please remember that you nominate just one person per award for a total of 4 individual nominations per site member in this section with the top 5 to 10 nomination receivers making it to the voting post. Additionally please attach the screen name of the person you are nominating with the exact award you wish them to be up for. If this part is missed they will not make it on to the ballot as Kevin has stolen my psychic ability for his own evil uses.

I will leave the nominations for these awards open until at least Sunday night (midnight CST).

Below is the list of awards up for nominations along with previous years winners.

The Adam Gase Award

This award is given to the hardest working, do-everything blogger on the Phinsider.

2016 - Kevin Nogle

2012 - Kevin Nogle

2010 - Kevin Nogle

2009 - Little Nicky 21

The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award

Given to the best older blogger over 40

2016 - daytonadolfan

2012 - WildZionBeaver

2010 - LeftCoastFinFan

2009 - HuskerDolphin

The Gary Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award

Given to the funniest Blogger on the site.

2016 - SUTTON

2012 - WildZionBeaver

2010 - LeftCoastFinFan

2009 - HuskerDolphin

The Richie Incognito Award

Given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.

2016 - PC Principal

2012 - Ohiofinfan4life

2010 - Ohiofinfan4life

2009 - Finxfactor