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Phinsider Radio Hosts Miami Dolphins Columnist Andy Cohen

Andy stopped by to talk the legacy left behind by former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano

Before I found The Phinsider, which I truly believe is the best Miami Dolphins community out there, I read Andy Cohen. I’ll admit that I liked his positive spin on things, although he was brutally honest when the situation demanded it. But he also seemed to touch on the hot topics for fans, always keeping a pulse on Dolphins nation and the questions we wanted answered.

I’m not trying to paint a picture of iconoclasm here, but even as a teenager I didn’t feel the oomph from major Dolphins news outlets. It’s not that I can’t be a passive recipient of knowledge during the boring doldrums of actually having to read words, it’s just that I felt that major news outlets had their own agenda. When I read Andy, it felt like the connected desire to win, even though there were obstacles in the way.

We at Phinsider Radio felt Andy was the perfect guest to reflect on the life of former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. We’re thankful for his time and appreciate the peek behind the curtain. If anything, as fans, a small glimpse behind the curtain reaffirms how sport can move people in the most amazing ways. Coach Sparano touched a lot of lives in a positive way and his legacy will only grow in that respect.