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In Honor of Coach Tony Sparano, A Wildcat Thread (With GIF’s)

As we mourn the loss of former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano, we remember the joy he brought to our hearts: a record-breaking turnaround and a dismantling of the New England Patriots you wouldn’t believe.

Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys

Tony Sparano came to the Miami Dolphins under the most dire of circumstances. When I’m around others who experience loss of a loved one, I tell them to reflect on the times that the person made them feel whole, made them feel special.

Tony Sparano made Dolphins fans feel special during the 2008 demolishing of the New England Patriots, known infamously as the “Wildcat Game”.

The GIF’s you are about to see might make you laugh or cry, we all deal with loss differently. But for me, it reminds me of being the little guy, the David vs. Goliath if you will. I’m reminded of perseverance and will, I’m reminded of surprising people with what you’re capable of.

Thank you to Coach Sparano and his family for what you brought to this organization and thank you for what you brought to us fans and the city of Miami. We all silently fist pump in honor of Coach Sparano, and hope to bring the energy that he brought every day.

Winning the trenches and trucking them at the goal line.

Another one right down the throat.

Probably the best throw Ronnie Brown has ever made, LOL.

New England Patriots didn’t seem too interested in tackling Ronnie Brown.

One of the few blank acknowledgements of bewilderment we have on file for Bill Belichick.

This play vs. the Houston Texans was gorgeous.