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Phinsider Meme Central


“Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.”

~ Grateful Dead

Now that yours truly has joined The Phinsider crew, I’m excited about the creative mayhem on tap with myself and your resident PhotoShop guru Josh Houtz (@houtz). Many don’t know this, but once upon a time several years ago Josh and I almost teamed up on a similar venture. To be able to do this now for The Phinsider’s audience is truly a unique opportunity that I guarantee you will all enjoy.

To kick things off, since Training Camp is about to start, Josh & I plan to start a weekly positing of Dolphins memes using the myriad of photos the team & media will be publishing.

And now for a little teaser of what you can expect:

If LB Raekwon McMillan is named after Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, aka The Chef, then it’s only fitting the Miami drafted another LB named Jerome Baker:

Jerome Baker

Mike Gesicki is our dream catcher, because we have always dreamt of a legit TE1:

Mike Gesicki

Have you ever been to the fountains of Kalen Ballage-io?

Fountains of Ballage-io

Minkah Fitzpatrick might be the best first-round pick this team has drafted in the last decade. Pairing him alongside Reshad Jones, gives the Dolphins an “out of this world” safety tandem. “Minkah, phone home”.

Minkah ET | @houtz

That face you make when you hear a monster behind you, but you’re too afraid to look.

Wake/Mathieu | @houtz