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The Phinsider Hall Of Fame Nominations Post (10 hours left)

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first voting that we will do for this year’s awards will be for the Phinsider Hall Of Fame. This is the post inviting you to nominate your choices for induction. Since we missed a year we will induct 8 site members instead of four. First though, I need you, our faithful members, to nominate other site members that you believe deserve to be in the HOF. Everyone can nominate up to 10 site members and I will select the 25 members who receive the most nominations from the list. Following the nomination process, lasting until Tuesday, July 24th, there will be a post notifying everyone to vote on the nominations.

Please place your nominations in the comments section below this post. Make your choices based on who you believe deserves an induction. Please make sure that you are not nominating someone that is already in, as your nomination will then be wasted. Everyone can nominate up to 10 site members. Please be sure to use the person’s proper screen name or the nomination will be overlooked. Once someone is nominated by another member, you are also encouraged to nominate them if they would have been one of your choices, giving that person a better chance to make it in to the final voting.

Just as a side note, please refrain from unnecessary rude comments about any other site members, even if they are not directly named. This will, from this point forward result in a warning or depending on your prior history a possible temporary banning.

Below are all the former inductees-

2009 Inductees

Matty I

Little Nicky 21



2010 Inductees

Kevin Nogle




2012 Inductees

James McKinney


Chris Early

Keith Beebe

2016 Inductees



Brian Naidus