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2018 Dolphins football season has arrived. We’ve been waiting for you!

Indianapolis Colts v Miami Dolphins Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Training camp is here, which means football has returned. Let’s take a second to let out a collective sigh of relief. It’s a new season. We have a clean slate. It’s important to remind myself of that after 2017’s disaster of a season. Last year had the feel of a sequel to a blockbuster movie. You know, that feeling of high hopes because the first movie was that good, but the subpar plot and lackluster acting ultimately proved that the movie was a mistake (Ghostbusters 2). You still will stop to watch it if you come across it while channel surfing, because just maybe it will be better this time around. That’s how 2017 season felt to me. We started with high hopes and the chants amongst fellow fans of, “This is our year.”, that too quickly went to, “Maybe 2018 will be our year”. I think we can say, as a collective whole, that we’re all ready for a fresh start.

Before I focus on the upcoming season, let me go back and share a little about myself and some of my thoughts about last season post-season. If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably learned I’m a bit passionate about the Miami Dolphins. Overall, I’m a genuinely passionate person about most things that are important to me: my dog (Duke); my competition training; and the Dolphins. Each year I attend 6-8 games a season. A bucket list item of mine is to attend a Dolphins game at every NFL stadium. I’m slowly getting there. When the schedule is released in April, the planning begins. I had a few home games planned and at least one away. I was especially looking forward to the Falcons game here in Atlanta (I went to the last one in 2009 with my dad and brothers). Can I just say that was one game I’m glad I was able to attend. I’ve lived in Atlanta since 2004, so that win felt good (even if our season tanked).

Over the 2017 season many fans gave up on our season after Tannehill’s re-injury. You also had some fans who rejoiced because they believed Moore was our future. I personally tried to remain hopeful. I was that fan who held on to the hope that Cutler could salvage our season. I quickly learned our quarterback situation was a disaster. Fans were split.

The one player that seemed to try and remain positive and keep us united was Jarvis Landry aka “Juice”. He was a favorite of mine and most fans I know. He had a lot of heart, passion, and was/is a talented player. As I write this, I’m remembering several games when the crowd chanted “Juice” after he would get a catch for a first down or run for a touchdown (take the Falcons game for example). He was the player that united our fanbase during a season that desperately needed it. I can say that this time last year, I would have never thought we would be starting the 2018 season without him. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still a little upset he is no longer a part of the Dolphins. I think many fans are still a bit salty about it. However, considering the way he left, the chatter that went on (and continues on) about his thoughts on Tannehill, and just the way he seemed to forget about the love our fanbase had for him, has left a bitter aftertaste.

I’m ready for a new start. We have new rookies and veterans we signed on over this post-season. It’s time to move forward and focus on more important matters, like Tannehill’s return and no more Cutler. If you follow me on twitter, you know I’ve always been a Tannehill supporter. If Tannehill can regain the confidence he had, pre-injury, and return to being a mobile threat, and if our offensive line truly is the new strength of our team, I think we may just be singing a different tune this season.

What are your thoughts? This is my first time writing and sharing my thoughts like this, so bear with me. I’m excited to see what our team has in store for this season and to share my thoughts from this passionate fan’s point of view.