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The Phinsider upgrading for you

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I have teased some big changes coming to The Phinsider, with yesterday supposed to be the announcement of what we have happening behind the scenes. Then, I went to the airport yesterday and the arrival I was awaiting ended up delayed and I was away from my computer the rest of the day. The announcements I was excited to make yesterday never happened, so now, we get to look at them today.

The first move for the site is one that really has already been happening for years, but now will be formalized. SB Nation has created “Deputy Managing Editor” roles for the site, so James McKinney was promoted into that position. He already has been my deputy basically since I took over the site, so it is good that he will now officially have that title.

Also getting a new title will be Matt Cannata. As the host of Phinsider Radio and doing plenty on Twitter to expand our reach, Cannata now adds the title of “Lead Voice.” He will continue to host Phinsider Radio and do the same coverage on Twitter, plus he will begin adding a weekly article to the site. The more we get from Cannata, the better The Phinsider will be, and now we are able to get a little more.

Speaking of Phinsider Radio, we will have some changes coming to our podcast. Cannata, Aaron Sutton, and Josh Houtz have already talked about their relaunch of Phinsider Radio, moving it to earlier in the week and brining you a more defined show with interviews and more analysis. Well, that is not all that will be happening. We are, over the next few weeks, going to launch The Phinsider Podcast Network. Phinsider Radio will be the flagship, twice-a-week, show of the network, but we will also have other shows underneath the network’s umbrella, giving you a different point of view of the Dolphins and brining you other options to listen to throughout the week. To make this happen, some old friends will be returning to the site, with Keith Beebe and James Ferreira, both of whom you have previously heard on Phinsider Radio, coming in to host their own shows. Andy Simancas will also be adding a show of his own, and I am going to look to do a short “quick hits” style show once a week as well. We are still working out the logistics of doing this and when the new shows will launch, but you should still be downloading all of the shows via the same feed that currently brings you Phinsider Radio, and of course you will be able to find each show here on the site.

My final announcement for this morning may be the one about which I am most excited. We are bringing in two new members of The Phinsider staff. Thomas - who you all know as @Nashmax73 on Twitter - will now be bringing us his memes and photoshopping ability, giving us immediate and unique takes on things the Miami Dolphins or the NFL are doing.

The Phinsider is by fans, for fans. All of us are Dolphins fans and we all have jobs other than the site. We are here because we love the Dolphins and we love talking with all of you about the team. But, over the years, I feel like we have shifted more toward bringing you the news about the team, and less how a fan reacts to that news. We all have those reactions, but my quest to always stay relatively neutral when it comes to my writing has made me miss some of the passion. I am going to fix that, and I think I am about to fix it in a big way. You know her on Twitter, and you know she is about as passionate as anyone out there. I would like to announce Kathleen - @Kathleen_Noa - is joining the site as well. She will be bringing us a weekly fan reaction to whatever the Dolphins are doing - sharing her passion with us.

Welcome to all of the new or returning members of the site and hopefully these changes will continue to make us the place to go for Dolphins news, analysis, talk, and community.