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Dolphins practice facility could soon neighbor Hard Rock Stadium

Team could move practice facility by 2020 season

Stephen Ross is set to once again “make it rain” on South Beach.

The generous owner of the Miami Dolphins is set to invest even more money in the team, moving the practice facility closer to Davie. According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, “the Dolphins are considering moving their training facility to team-owned land just west of Hard Rock Stadium”.

Moving the team’s practice facility would make sense on many levels. It would also cost a significant amount of money, an investment Stephen Ross isn’t scared to make. Rumors are that the move would cost the billionaire owner nearly $75-millon, bringing his total investment in the team’s stadium property upwards of $600-millon.

Obviously, a lot has to be done for plans to come to fruition but the team is optimistic their long-term plan will succeed. Bringing the Dolphins closer to home is a good thing, and should make things easier for every-day employees of the franchise.

The Dolphins hope to have a new home for their practice facility by 2020.