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Dolphins release imagined soccer kits for team; Must take my money now

Miami Dolphins

Would you like to see something sexy? I mean, I am not sure you are ready to see things this sexy, but if you want to risk it, I will allow it. I’m also just waiting to send the Miami Dolphins my money because of how dead sexy these are.

With the World Cup reaching the championship game this weekend, the Dolphins on Thursday released four images of how the team would look if they were wearing soccer jerseys. Now I need all four of these looks. The team released home, away, and alternate looks, then threw in a throwback look just to add to the desire to have the complete set. And, like I said, they are sexy:

Seriously, the details and look are so perfect to both represent the Dolphins and for a soccer styling. Down to the two stars above the logo on the chest, representing the two Super Bowl championships, the Dolphins did well with this imagining.

Now, they need to turn them into something in the store.