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Phinsider Radio - Jarvis Landry comments on Dolphins QBs, Chambers vs. Parker, WR position battles & more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk about the controversy surrounding Jarvis Landry and his latest comments, the Chris Chambers vs. DeVante Parker saga, the current WR position battle and more.

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This week on Phinsider Radio, MC$, Houtz and Sutton talk about a few controversial topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins.

One of the more talked about issues right now is Chris Chambers vs. DeVante Parker. What is Chambers trying to accomplish with Parker and is he jumping out of his lane? Should Parker be returning his phone calls and messages? Are the coaches telling Parker to ignore Chambers? We have some information as well as some quotes straight from Parker and the coaches. We try to sort out this situation.

We dive into the Jarvis Landry saga where he seemed to take hits at the current and former quarterbacks on the Miami Dolphins. Landry said that the quarterbacks in Cleveland were better than the ones in Miami, but who was he really taking a shot at? Was it Ryan Tannehill or the trio of Jay Cutler, Matt Moore and David Fales? We tell you what we know and try to read between the lines.

Speaking of wide receivers, we talk about the position battle in terms of the third wide receiver. Who is going to emerge from the pack? Will it be Danny Amendola, Albert Wilson or Jakeem Grant? Can any of them leapfrog Kenny Stills and/or DeVante Parker? We rank our receivers and analyze all that’s happening at this position.

As always, we answer your questions. This week we have a stuffed mailbag but we do get to just about every one of them. Tune in to find out if your question was answered!

For all the latest news, rumors, information and analysis regarding your Miami Dolphins, tune into this week’s edition of Phinsider Radio!