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Which Miami Dolphins Away Game Are You Going To This Year?

Let’s tailgate!

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

MetLife Stadium, Foxborough Fart Palace, Paul Brown Stadium, NRG Stadium, Lambeau Field, Lucas Oil Stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium, or New Era Field?

As tempting as it is to go to Lambeau again, I’ll be watching the Miami Dolphins take on the Cincinnati Bengals week 5 at Paul Brown Stadium.

If you’re a Dolphins fan that doesn’t live in south Florida, the schedule release is a holiday of sorts - it’s when you can figure out which game(s) you’re going to go to. It’s also a rite of passage, transcending the heartache and turmoil of the year before to nothing more than a floating ember from the fire pit of Jay Cutler’s cigarettes.

If I don’t see you Week 5, I wanted to create the opportunity for you to meet some fellow Dolphins fans elsewhere. Elsewhere in America, not Europe. No offense European fans, but it’s time the Dolphins didn’t take the trip across the pond.

Which away game are you going to this year?