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When you were wrong: Dion Jordan’s Dolphins career

Miami Dolphins v Detroit Lions Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Don’t you love late-June to late-July? You know, that time of the NFL calendar where it is just blank. It just leaves us with so many things to discuss and analyze. It is an amazing time to be a fan.

Yeah, so if you made it through that paragraph, you may have to go shower to get rid of the sarcasm that was not just dripping off the words, but pouring from them. It is offically the one month that the NFL goes away. Which means, it is time for us to come up with some random offseason talk questions to keep us going until training camp starts. Which brings us to today’s offseason talk question.

What prediction that you made about the Miami Dolphins was the most wrong?

Mine is pretty simple. I was so excited when the Dolphins traded up to select Dion Jordan. He was supposed to be the next Cameron Wake, the next pass rush specialist for the Dolphins. The next great defensive end for the Dolphins. Chris Early and I were on a live broadcast during the 2013 NFL Draft, and I saw the pick just before he did, yelling Jordan’s name when the selection was made. There was no way the Dolphins could miss on that pick. They were aggressive and went to get the player they wanted. It was a perfect move by the team.

Jordan “played” two years for the Dolphins, then missed two more seasons due to suspension and injury. This great pass rusher tallied 46 tackles and three sacks with Miami, appearing in 26 games, with just one start. Basically, he was a bust from just about the moment he put on a Dolphins jersey.

Jordan made a comeback with the Seattle Seahawks last year, recording 18 tackles and four sacks - yes, he surpassed his entire career total with Miami - playing in just five games. Of course, he also just had knee surgery that is expected to hold him out until sometime during the preseason, because that makes total sense.

Wow, I could not have been more wrong about what Jordan would be for the Dolphins. I still just shake my head at what I thought he was going to be compared to what he became. So very, very wrong.

So, what was your most wrong prediction or expectation for the Dolphins?