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Chicago looks to beat the heat: Bears to wear orange against Miami

The Chicago Bears announced on Friday the return of the team’s orange alternate jerseys. The orange jersey white pants look for the Bears was originally used by the team, in the 1930s, then was used as an alternate combination from 2005 through 2009. It now returns for the 2018 season, and the Bears are being smart about when to use the look.

Under NFL rules, teams are allowed to use throwback jerseys twice a year - like the Miami Dolphins do with their 1960s/1970s look. The Bears will break it out for their Week 11 home game against the Minnesota Vikings. But, it will make its 2018 debut in Week 6 on the Miami.

The Dolphins traditionally wear white uniforms for home afternoon games. The Bears, who normally wear a navy blue jersey, will now wear orange for that game, rather than be forced into a darker jersey when standing on the sidelines in the South Florida sun in mid-October in Hard Rock Stadium. It is a brilliant move for Chicago, and does take a little of that South Florida advantage away from the Dolphins.

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