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Are you Mike Tannenbaum or Chris Grier? The hunt for burner accounts onThe Phinsider

Miami Dolphins News Conference Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have always been a team that likes to hold things close to the vest. Even when they meet with the media, they do a great job of saying things without actually saying anything. Some things obviously leak - like Stephen Ross questioning not trading back in the Draft - but, for the most part, the Dolphins do not let what they are really thinking leak out into the media.

But, are they out here watching the media? Watching us? Are you Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum? Are you General Manager Chris Grier? Are you head coach Adam Gase?

Earlier this week, The Ringer released a report about the Philadelphia 76ers and their general manager. Basically, they reported that there is strong (circumstantial) evidence that Bryan Colangelo, the 76ers GM, control five “burner” Twitter accounts which he allegedly uses to track what the media is saying about the team and to divulge information about his team and badmouth his own players. (Colangelo has admitted to one of the accounts, but denies the other four. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted about The Ringer’s article, “This is absolutely bananas. Most NFL GMs have secret twitter accounts... but this next-level shenanigans.)

Yeah, it was not pretty.

But it makes me wonder, are any of you on this site really a member of the Dolphins, lurking in the shadows? Are you one of those “most NFL GMs” about whom Rapoport tweeted? Are you making The Phinsider accounts to keep up with what we are saying? Are you bashing the Dolphins players despite being an executive on the team?

I mean, I think immediately we should assume CT is part of the team, bashing Ryan Tannehill just because but being incredibly knowledgeable about what he is saying (plus, he has done things like quote Benjamin Franklin in comments...I mean, come on). It just feels like that’s right.

Is scrappy a scout with the team?

Why does no one know finfanfromsiam’s name? Is he hiding being a member of the team?

And, there is no way KDog is not in the front office somewhere. He is way too fast in posting links to stories about the Dolphins - he has to know they are coming before they happen, right?

And, there is no way Alpha is not somewhere in the organization, right? I mean, why else would he hang around the site so much and be so damn crazy?

What about people who have left the site? Was Keith Beebe actually Dennis Hickey, both of whom left in 2016? Or, was Matty Infante actually Tony Sparano? Matty left the site just before the 2011 season - the same year Sparano was fired. Hmmmm.... coincidence?

And, here’s the twist...maybe it is actually me. I mean, I do seem to like to defend the moves of the team and try to explain them. Am I one of the executives?

We just may never know.