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Marino Monday: Dan Marino throws for 5 touchdowns vs New England in 1994

Welcome to Marino Mondays!

Over the next few months, I’m going to be searching the internet looking for some of the GOAT’s best performances throughout his Hall of Fame career. And although the end result might not always be a Miami Dolphins’ victory, I assure you Marino will look damn good throwing the football. These videos will showcase Marino’s rocket arm. They will show off his ability to move effortlessly around in the pocket. You will have a chance to see his lightning quick release and pinpoint accuracy. Most of all, you will get to relive your childhood, and what made most of us fall in love with the Miami Dolphins.

Without further ado, the first installment in the Marino Monday series.

Dan Marino throws for 5 touchdowns vs New England in 1994

September 4th, 1994.

It was the season opener, and fans were excited to see how their future Hall of Fame quarterback would respond after suffering an Achilles injury the year prior. The answer? Exactly what you’d expect from the greatest player to ever wear a Miami Dolphins’ uniform. In typical Marino fashion, the GOAT led the Dolphins back from a late 32-28 deficit.

Marino finished the game 23/42 473 yards, 5 touchdowns and 1 interception. Most importantly, he led the Dolphins to a comeback victory over Drew Bledsoe and the New England Patriots. It was a back and forth contest, that showcased two of the league’s best quarterbacks dueling it out on national television.

Here is a look at Dan Marino’s 5 touchdown performance vs the New England Patriots in 1994.

Touchdown #1

Touchdown #2

Touchdown #3

Touchdown #4

Touchdown #5

Credit: YouTube

Do you remember where you were on this historic day in 1994? Have any thoughts or conce