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Pre-order the Madden 19 Hall of Fame Edition and unlock the greatest QB of all-time, Dan Marino

Another year, another Madden.

Late last week, details emerged regarding Madden 19’s improvements, and which athlete would grace the cover of the highly popular Hall of Fame edition. This year’s cover athlete is one of the greatest wide receivers of all-time, Terrell Owens. Customers receive many perks when pre-ordering the Hall of Fame edition, including access to the game 3 days early, Madden Ultimate Team packs, and legendary players.

You can find all the details here on Madden 19’s Hall of Fame edition.

Madden NFL 19: Hall of Fame Edition not only delivers advances to gameplay, but an excellent foundation for building an epic MUT roster. Pre-order the Deluxe Edition to earn one of five upgradable Elite Legends. Select either Terrell Owens, Brian Urlacher, Rod Woodson, Dan Marino, or Terrell Davis and add them to your lineup to start ruling opponents. Start with these players and continue to build your team with the included packs. The Hall of Fame Edition has everything you need to leave the competition behind starting on day one.

That’s right, folks! By pre-ordering the Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition, you will have access to the greatest QB of all-time, Dan Marino.

I’d like to say I won’t fall into the rabbit hole that is Madden, and spend another $60 on a glorified roster update with slight enhancements. However, having the opportunity to start with Dan Marino from day one, while building a Madden Ultimate team to take on fellow Madden players?!?!?! Sign me up!

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