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The Miami Dolphins Hot Take Generator 2018

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is a time of rumors, speculation, hot takes, and some news. Even as the teams progress through their offseason training programs, there is not a lot of Earth-shattering news coming out of the league. However, the discussion of the NFL never stops.

Today, we are going to help you with your ability to join the discussion. Eric Thompson, over at the SB Nation Minnesota Vikings site Daily Norseman put together a hot take generator for us. The entire Miami Dolphins roster is included, from the top players on the team down to the newly signed undrafted free agents and practice squad players from last year who signed a futures contract after the 2017 season.

Eric basically came up with a way for one button to scour the internet and come up with the hottest of hot takes from the news about a player. For example, here is the latest take on Dolphins punter Matt Haack:

Matt Haack is a real standout in the middle of the defense.

Saving you time actually trying to do the research on how the Dolphins will play this year with he ease of one button. Amazing results, wouldn’t you say?

Check our our Miami Dolphins Hot Take Generator 2018!

Now, when you are caught in the middle of that bar room debate, you have an easy way to make sure you have the latest and greatest Dolphins take to throw out there.

(Editor’s Note: We are not responsible if you get laughed out of the bar with the amazing takes you will be sure to have after using the Miami Dolphins Hot Take Generator 2018. Nope. No responsibility at all...)

Make sure you bookmark this page and come back to it often - you never know what new take you will need.

(Editor’s Note 2: Seriously, the offseason is REALLY long...)