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Phinsider Radio - Interview with LB Quentin Poling, draft room leak and more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk to Miami Dolphins rookie linebacker Quentin Poling. We also discuss the draft room leak with Stephen Ross asking the team to trade back and give you all the information we know. All this and more on Phinsider Radio!

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This week on Phinsider Radio, we talked to Miami Dolphins seventh round draft pick Quentin Poling, linebacker from Ohio University. Poling tells us what it was like on draft weekend waiting for his name to be called. What was it like for him to get a call from the Dolphins? How surprised was he to be picked from the Dolphins? How is he going to approach the NFL playbook compared to the college playbook? What are the Dolphins asking him to study and prepare for this coming season? What was the weirdest question he was asked during the draft process? And finally, what’s the story behind him kissing a Dolphin on his Twitter page?

We also discuss the leak from the Dolphins war room, where Stephen Ross was apparently upset that the Dolphins didn’t trade down from 11 to get more picks. We tell you everything we know about the situation – it’s not as bad as some are making it out to be as it appears to be a game of telephone, but there is something to be worried about. We give the inside information on this and what likely happened in the war room and leading up to the NFL Draft.

Following up on that, was Minkah Fitzpatrick the right pick or would the Dolphins have had a better draft if they went a different route? We dive into that discussion.

To wrap up the show, we talk about the appearance of Houtz and Sutton on the 4th and inches podcast, whether or not drinking a beer in the shower is weird, and answer your questions from the Phinsider Radio mailbag.

We’re getting closer to the NFL season – join us as we discuss the latest news around the Miami Dolphins.