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Phinsider Radio - Schedule, Uniforms & taking a look at Day 2/3 of the NFL Draft

This week on Phinsider Radio, we’re joined by Dan Kadar, NFL Draft Editor for SB Nation to talk NFL Draft. We also discuss the schedule, uniforms and day 2/3 of the draft.

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The NFL Draft is just under a week away and we’re here on Phinsider Radio to help you sort through all the smoke as we bring you the latest information from Davie regarding what the Miami Dolphins are currently thinking as we approach Thursday evening.

To help us sort that out, we were joined by Dan Kadar, NFL Draft Editor for SB Nation. What is he hearing about the Dolphins and who does he think they’ll end up with in the first round? Who are also some other guys the Dolphins can look at in the later rounds?

Before all the draft talk though, MC$, Surton the Creepy Soccer Dad and RosenHoutz dive into the Dolphins schedule for the upcoming season and also discus the uniform tweaks. What stands out most about the schedule? Hint: It doesn’t favor Miami.

The Phinsider Radio Crew also talks about their mid-round guys who they like best and who might the sleeper of the draft be. With all the talk about the first and second round, we thought we’d give you some insight as to what to look for when we’re on day 2 and 3 of the draft – the day where most teams find value and build their depth, respectively.

Join us this week on Phinsider Radio for a tremendous show filled with great insight.